Fahmy Ishak is F(inicky)I(n)N(ature)

Fahmy Ishak fell into the business of making aprons after crafting his first piece for a barista. “I was busy sewing an apron whilst working in a retail store when a client walked in. He was intrigued by my work and asked whether he could get it for his upcoming competition. From that one purchase came a slew of orders from baristas, bartenders, chefs and tattoo artists.”

Mid 2012 he launches FIN, yielding a range of patched and mended (boro) messenger bags and clutches and hand stitched aprons of soulful beauty. Other offerings include bags in timeless and sturdy materials like waxed canvas with bright and bold static rope handles, and denim bags with hickory lining, leather handles and dead stock brass YKK’s.

“My materials are mostly sourced from Japan and Bali. I love working with dead stock fabrics and hardware as it adds to the value to the product. As for the totes, I love them and use them more than any other genre of bag. Prior to FIN I already owned two dozens of totes. I love simple products made beautifully, and most importantly products that can stand the test of time.”

Lovely gear and – take note Santa -  customizable!

STACK Black Slate by A.K.A. Wayward

“At STACK, we get our hands dirty, every piece is handcrafted and no one piece is the same.”

Mun Foong, a graphics manipulator by craft, applies her design skills to accessories under the label A.K.A. Wayward. Handcrafted barbell and binding screw bracelets, snap hook wraps and tribal necklaces round out the label’s 2014/15 STACK Black slate offerings, all of which are available here.

“In the mid 14 century, the Old French Term ‘esclat’ connotes ‘spilt piece, splinter’ or also from the notion of being easily altered or erased. The phrases “clean slate” and “blank slate” come from this usage. We were really inspired by this metamorphic rock mineral and created a collection that stayed true to its nature. Every piece was inspired by the materials itself and it spoke to us how it wanted to be made … No one piece is the same as they are still lovingly handcrafted in our studio.”

Spotted! Murdoodles

Murdoodles have occupied themselves with notebook making since 2011, so you may be acquainted with their quirky work. We love the illustrations by graphic designer and founder Jiaming and we hope you will enjoy them too.

“A canvas for potential ideas and plans of world domination, our handmade notebooks feature original illustrations and patterns based on my daily observations about the world around me. We also like to challenge the notion that handmade items have to look a certain handmade way because, well … handmade. This means we aim for perfection each time we make a book.” – Jaiming.

The Murdoodles notebooks are available here and once a month at Public Garden markets.

Banner Shuffle: BricksBen Creations

Benjamin Cheh is a graphic designer known for his intricate mecha creations, Jeffrey Kong is an editor famous for his retro and Singapore-themed creations. Together they are the master builders at BricksBen Creations, making our childhood selves happy by creating awesome sculptures out of everyone’s favourite Danish toy.

Project Plug: A Day with Her by Zann Lim

Zann Lim is recent BA (Hons) Graphic communication from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a taste for pattern design. The freelance illustrator just unveiled her first lifestyle product on HAYSTAKT; a limited edition set of pillow covers, illustrated by herself, digitally printed and hand-sewn by a seamstress to uphold the quality of the product.

To find out more about the project, visit Zann’s HAYSTAKT page.

Andy Lim’s Mnemonics Kit

The Undergraduate Awards has become one of the most anticipated international academic award programs and Andy Lim‘s  Mnemonics Kit just won him the International award in the Design Category. His paper examines how mnemonics can be applied effectively to aid the transfer of information to long-term memory.

Andy: “How often do we remember the details of a movie we just watched? How many things can you remember after stepping out from long hours
 of lecture? These were the questions that inspired me to work on a project that aims to address the issue on our inability to store as much information as we would like to. Mnemonics is a useful memory device that aids information retention yet not many people understand its applications. The aim is achieved through a book that introduces the mnemonics principles and techniques and a memory booster kit, designed for students, to facilitate their learning process.”

Andy is a final year Visual Communications undergrad from the School of Art, Design, and Media at Nanyang Technological University who one day hopes to start his own line of apparel as a graphic design entrepreneur.

One to keep an eye on!

Project Plug: Felting with Kit Mui

Fashioned from wool, Kit Mui’s whimsical felt knits reflect the crafter’s fascination with animals and nature. “I have always found delight in creating things,” Mui says. “For these pieces, I paired the needle felt work with cast off objects and trinkets from my vintage collection to create fun adornments.”

Project Plug: The Arctic Series

The designers at Hug a Porcupine always entertain us with their funky brooches. With their new collection, they lure us into winter with a set of seven brooches reflecting the icy cold white and blue hues of the Arctic waters.


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