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Dreamers by day and designers by night, Jacelyn, John and Sue crave sleep … and catnaps, and shuteye and siestas and a trip to the land of nod on the train home. “It thus seemed like a natural progression for us to tackle the issue of obtaining comfort on demand, while of course, addressing the stuff that people don’t like to talk about … like drooling.”

The Aubergine Pillow is soft and hugable, compact and packable and looks downright comfortable for napping at your desk, on the train, in the park or while you wait at the airport.

Here is more information from the Kickstarter page:

  • Nobody wants to run short of breath. It is an inflatable pillow that plumps up generously in just a puff.
  • Nobody wants to taste stale saliva. Puffing 2 inches away from the spout initiates the Bernoulli effect, using the surrounding air to multiply the volume of your breath. It’s a wind-wind!
  • Nobody wants a bad fit. Perfect size for maximum hug-ability, so nest yourself on our mount-ever-rest.
  • Nobody should break their necks. Sensual contours and a well-placed dimple to cradle your head and support your neck. Good support not only eliminates the all-too-familiar head lolling and bobbing, but goes beyond that by stabilising your head for optimal on-the-go sleeping posture.
  • Nobody wants drool stains. Dark coloured fabrics for maximum discretion and an instant dozing environment. Perfectly machine washable.
  • Nobody should be weighed down by a pillow. This sleeping pill deflates fast, rolls snug and compacts small.

LIMBS by Omitir Concepts


Commit Omitir Concepts to memory as you’re adding their handsome accesories to your Christmas wish list. Founded in 2012 by Darren Loke and Bryan Teo, their approach to leather and all products is inspired by “its narrative and enduring principles. All patterns are based on logic and form, giving precedence to the product’s texture and details.”

Their latest collection – LIMBS – comprises a series of leather wares that have a certain something and sit neatly in the intersection of stylish and functional. The design is clean and minimal, rendered in an eye-catching finish akin to the intrinsic character of the human skin.

“The collection heralds the marvel of the human body, with each piece influenced by the actions and gestures of our daily lives, with an ergonomic approach in mind. LIMBS intends to articulate the movement of the body without restriction, by means of introducing carefully produced pieces that instil functionality and mobility.”

Be among the first to explore (and pre-order) the collection exclusively at Supplies & Co. between now and 12 November.


ORE by misc-ellany






misc-ellany duo Eason Chow and Tricia Chean debuted a set of stationary objects using basic geometric shapes. Rather than add unnecessary details, they focus on the beauty and interaction of the raw materials to create a timeless look. The objects are made from concrete and brass and when combined, they form a modern minimalist tablescape.

“We chose to work on the tape holder and pen holder, which are two of the most common and functional table objects. We simply love the way the raw concrete highlights the beauty and functionality of the polished brass parts. Our inspiration came from the spirit of extracting and refining precious materials from ores. Ores encase the value of the minerals they hold, and only reveal their full potential after rounds of purification.

Whilst using the tape holder, the tape rolls uniformly within its boundary while dispensing the desired amount to be cut at the cutting tip. The weighted tape holder provides confidence and control to its user while performing its function. We chose to use a square edge concrete mass to contain and stabilise the tape while using the brass to highlight the tape insert and cutting tip. This creates a distinct accent that informs the users for its function.

The purpose of a pen holder is simple. A nicely seated conical base that offers protection for a pen before its next use, and that has just the right amount of weight to match its function. To ensure that it can fit pens of different widths and tips, we used a perfectly machined brass cavity to hold and glorify the pen. This beautiful brass part is then inserted into a slightly tapered concrete base for added stability.”

Shop the ORE set here.


The Quotidian Magnetic Propulsion pen



If you’re a fidgeting addict, chances are you will love this Kickstarter project. Designed by a team of NUS undergrads, the Quotidian Pen features the world’s first magnetic propulsion mechanism. As you can see from the project page, the pen has enraptured backers who have helped the team hit their $4,000 goal within 20 minutes after launch.

Why a pen?

We all have experienced the effect of rapid digitalisation and realized that some objects are starting to lose the attention they deserve, like pens; and we want to change that. Pens are powerful tools that are incredibly essential and personal in our journey as designers. However, it is a tool that is rarely challenged. Hence, this leads us to design a pen with the main goal to be something new and different. We hope that the Quotidian Pen will encourage people to never stop writing, thinking and creating.

So how does it actually work?

Breaking the cap will reveal the surprising absence of the pen nib. Bringing the cap to the back of the body will allow the pen nib to magically propel out. Apart from that, due to the magnetic forces of the neodymium magnets in the Quotidian Pen, you are able to interact with the pen in the most addictive ways possible. For the first time ever, instead of just clicking and uncapping a pen, the Quotidian Pen allows you to flick, spin and fidget to your heart’s desire.


MAG: The wallet made with a touch of magic



Dexter, Jon Chan Hao and Ngieng Jia’en are MAG, a team of industrial designers that share the belief that design can create innovative and user-centred products. They just launched a modular wallet on kickstarter that allows you to stack and snap modules using a magnetic hinge.

(from the press release)

Traditional Wallets often carry more than what you really need, and minimal ones can’t seem to carry enough. What if you could carry exactly what you need, when you wanted to? That was the motivation behind MAG: a modular wallet with a magnetic hinge that allows you to swiftly detach and reattach! We wanted to create something that was not only more intuitive with what you own, but also make the experience of accessing what was in your wallet almost magical.

MAG comes in 3 modules :

The fundamental. The top piece is designed with a slot at the bottom to reveal 1/16 of the card for quick access. The other slot at the side allows room for more cards and cash, just enough to carry the essentials (fits up to 3 essential cards and some cash).

The subsidiary. The center features an elastic band to hold the cash, and the back allows for a secure storage of a number of cards if you need more (holds up to 6 cards and more cash).

The pouch. A zipless and secure way to hold your loose items e.g. keys and coins.


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