Chubby Chubby’s Pop-Oriental CNY Collection

Yes, it’s CNY holiday season and everyone is probably looking for something to dress up the lil’ ones, so here’s a hint for you, Chubby Chubby’s Pop-oriental CNY collection.

I love the candy shop pastels on the Hanako Sakura Cheongsams, the cool retro flower prints on the dolly Cheongsam and the triangle mandarin shirt with the multi-colour Chinese knot buttons. The collection is hand-made and unique, practical and fancy at the same time.

Say Hello to Noodles the Panda

Our favourite Panda was honoured in a resin toy designed by Visual Development artist and Toy Designer Sarah Isabel Tan . Noodles the Panda is Sarah’s first designer toy and we caught a glimpse of this lovable edition at the STGCC.

“Noodles the Panda loves to eat noodles and is always seen with a red bowl of ramen sitting atop his head. This hungry panda is made of polystone resin and measures about 4″ tall and 3.5″ wide.”


ampere, a Wireless Charging Phone Sleeve

YouTube Preview Image

Industrial Designer Delane Foo was pursuing a degree at NUS Industrial Design, when she decided to take leave of absence and co-found Novelsys. Her first product, the ampere wireless charging phone sleeve launches today at 8.10 pm on Kickstarter. Wireless is one way of describing Delane’s first product; another way is ‘just-drop-and-charge-works-every-time’. The sleeve is made for Android and iPhone, comes in a petite or plus size and is available in blackest black, blushberry, brogue and -my choice colour- midnight black.

Here’s Delane, getting all technical on us: “ampere’s easily-accessible USB ports enable you to recharge the sleeve, charge an additional device, or to fast-charge your smartphone when you urgently need more power. Charging is four times faster than a normal USB. Designed with the highest build quality, ampere has a battery slimmer than a pencil, encased in unbending aluminium to dissipate heat, wrapped in premium, durable fabric that can weather the pressures of daily use. ampere includes a battery and wireless charger so you can keep your smartphone going all day. You can control when charging begins, monitor ampere’s battery levels in minutes and hours, use your phone to find ampere when you’ve misplaced it, and password-protect ampere.”



A hand-marbled U-shape Swing Necklace with round beads strung with gold-toned hardware, a Triangle Necklace mixing a series of hand-formed beads in a contrast of cylindrical and triangular shapes and even a solid hand-marbled Glow Lunar Necklace.

These are just some of the architectural-chic pieces that make up the modern-urban collection by Basic Unit of Matter x CAVALIER.

Shop for them in the CAVALIER Vault.

The Golden Ticket by Indigold & Of Trying Times

Pixie from Of Trying Times and Indigold‘s Lisa Lee met at The Local People night market in Chinatown where they decided to collab on a 4-dimensional Christmas jewel candle gift bundle.

Lisa: “Inspired by the concept of the Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, imagine opening up a gift to find your own golden ticket. The Golden Amber scented candle is adorned with a beautifully hand-marbled resin necklace designed by Pixie. To retrieve your necklace, you have to light the candle which slowly melts away to a gold sachet. Peel off the layers of foil and you’ll find the rest of your necklace.”

Only 12 pieces will be made, and they are now available for pre-oder on HAYSTAKT.

7 gifts of Christmas by The little dröm store

Forced to spend all your time searching for the perfect present for ‘That Friend Who Hates Stuff’? Let’s see them try to resist this selection from The little dröm store. What’s not to love?

‘Steady Pom Pipi’ Tote.
‘Huat Ah’ Badge.
Playground pin.
‘Kan cheong Spider’ Badge.
Sounds of Singapore Glasses.
SGIFF x dröm: Eric Khoo – 12 Storeys pin.
Strangely Singaporean Pencil Box Set (of 10).

7 papergoods of Christmas by Culturepush

We continue the countdown to Christmas today with seven papergood ideas we’ve picked out for your shopping list this year. Here goes …

2015 ziggysmalldust x iloveweekends photography print wall calendar. Foodie Pattern Notebooks by wheniwasfour.

EZ Office Aide stickers by Somewhere Else. Available at Allscript Magazines and The little dröm store.

Christmas in Singapore Coasters by The Coaster People. Chapalang Special Christmas Goodie Bags by Ella Zheng.

Kampong Kards (also available at Naiise).

The Fingersmith Letterpress Christmas Cards (also available at Cat Socrates, the Red Dot Design Museum shop, Naiise and SPUR. Hej Juni Christmas Cards (also available at Naiise).

That all-important outfit by Shentonista

Suit by Coupe Cousu.  Dress Aijek by Danelle Woo.

Suit – Evenodd by Samuel Wong. Dress Light by Sabrina Goh.

Jewellery by Yuki Mitsuyasu.

Bag by Ling Wu.

Shentonista has a reputation for getting that all-important outfit just right. We asked them to go down to W.E. #3 at 313@Somerset, and round up some of their favorite pieces for the festive season.


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