Spotted! Clarence Valerius Wee

“With everything so based on wanting things done fast and efficiently,
a handwritten card slows you down and helps you appreciate the delicate yet uncompromising work of the details on the card.”

We love the human touch in writing, so imagine our delight in coming across the work of Clarence Valerius Wee. His personalised bespoke calligraphy has been picked up by the likes of CHANEL, Mulberry and Raffles Hotel, and you can see why.

“When I was in Poly, I leaned towards an interest in Typography and that kind of stuck. As I progressed out of school, I became more and more hands on with type, trying to understand the form and practicing. And with time, I felt that with all this practice, to really understand Typography would be to go back to the basics which meant, Calligraphy. With that said, I just started to do mock-ups of wedding invites and envelopes and putting them up online. I enjoy doing calligraphy because I believe it’s the thought that counts and having a handwritten work conveys more sincerity.”

Spotted! Samuel Woo

The bird’s nest is one of those things in nature which have provided ideas for many design concepts, including Samuel Woo ’s Nest Stool.

“A bird builds its nest in any environment out of scavenged materials. Hence the structures they build are perfect examples of ‘co-existence’. Playing off the concept of rest and storage, the Nest Stool pretty much functions like an actual bird’s nest. The seat of the stool functions as a storage compartment for little objects or trinkets one may come across in the everyday. The stem of the stool and be removed so the seat may be used as a storage unit.”

Samuel recently completed a diploma course in Experience and Product Design at the Singapore Polytechnic Design School. “Of all the things I wanted to be when I was a kid, I wanted to be a designer the most because I feel that through design, we not only find solutions to problems that we have but also discover opportunities and ideas that change the way we think and the way we act. Also designers get to do pretty cool stuff.”

Uon Magnetic Bicycle Lights

There are safety advantages to decking out your bicycle with bling when sharing lanes with car drivers that still don’t always see even the most cautious rider.

Currently raising funds through indiegogo, Uon Lights are the brainchild of Yong Kuan Tan and Malvina Fransisca, two industrial design majors from the National University of Singapore.

“Uon Lights are magnetic bicycle lights attached to the handlebar that allow cyclists to signal their intentions to execute turns in the night. The rechargeable lights come along with special bar end plugs that allow easy attachment and removal of lights for use and USB cable charging. Our goal is to make cycling at night safer, and promote cycling as a healthy mode of transportation.”

The Light with a Sweet Spot

SPOT is a multipurpose light that quadruples as a torch, desk lamp, ambient light and wall light. Made from durable polypropylene (PP) the light is splash resistant which means it can even be used outdoors.

The design is a collab between students of the National University of Singapore and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle -  Gloria Ngiam, Nigel Geh and Guillaume Bloget. ”We were inspired by the functionality and versatility of industrial work lights, and aspire to introduce this adaptive feature into daily living. With SPOT, we have stripped the concept of a work light to the essentials and at the same time introduced an element of playfulness to it.”

Support the project on indiegogo, where US$45 will secure your own SPOT.

Fold me up. Take me out. I’m portable.

Fold me up. Take me out. I’m portable is a snippet of the lyrics to John Mayer’s single ‘Go Anywhere’. It’s also a pretty good description of a cool product design that dropped through our mailbox last week.

Students of the National University of Singapore and the Politecnico di Milano – Nora, Melina and Eddy – teamed up to design the Fold Me, a portable utility case that helps organize your belongings.

“Our approach towards this design is to simply bring about more convenience to the lives of the people around us. The case is made from Waterproof Teflon-coated canvas and genuine calf leather. It can be folded in multiple configurations, adapting to your various needs and situations and it also doubles as a phone dock when folded. We are now trying to secure funds via indiegogo to cover for the start-up cost and manufacturing of our first batch.”

Stuck on STITX

Trouble finding your items? Not enough space on your desk? Too many things to carry? Always working on-the-go?

Designed by 3 Industrial Design Majors – Jia Ying, Albert and Corina – the  STITX will help you keep track of all your items. It piggybacks onto your laptop and is designed to let you carry your belongings and gadgets around town in comfort and style.

“STITX is a stick-on organizer for your belongings and gadgets necessary for work on-the-go bringing you convenience by sitting snugly at the back of your laptop, reducing the clutter of things on the already-tiny workspaces. We’ve launched our product on Indiegogo and we hope we will get enough support to start stitching.”

The CRUX saves the problem

Familiar with the dirty looks coming your way while you are digging for a USB thumbdrive in the bottom of your giant satchel of clutter?

NUS Industrial Design majors – Eason,Yee Jek and Elyn – say the solution is simple: the CRUX USB organizer, a personal USB library that brings greater ease and convenience to the storage, usage and management of multiple USB thumbdrives.

“After plugging in your USB thumbdrives into CRUX, access to all your storage content is reduced to a simple step of sliding the attached USB cable into your computer. A simple button buckle makes it easy for you to secure and retrieve your thumbdrive when any adjustment is required. A leather strap is used to hold the USB cable, enabling easy access by allowing your thumb to slide it out quickly from the side of CRUX.”

CRUX comes in three colors of Mocha Brown, Midnight Blue and Scarlet Red. It’s exterior surface is lined with suede, and the interior is made of neoprene that’s super durable.

For more information, visit the CRUX  indiegogo website.

Finders, Keypers

Here at Culturepush we started our spring cleaning by sorting out our keys. We love to organize (nah, really?) so we were thinking about ditching our not so stylish bulky keypouch for a more functional design, the Keyper.

Produced by 3 Industrial Design majors from the NUS School of Design and Environment – Goh Hong, Sylvia and Vick – the Keyper charmed us with its slim aesthetic supported by impeccable hand-craftsmanship. Holding up to four keys, the Keyper is made from genuine vegetable tanned and dyed calf leather, and is designed to snuggly fit most key types.

“We noticed a common problem that was clear in the daily lives, and hence sought to improve it. Current solutions to store keys were either bulky, noisy, or offered no protection for our belongings. We felt that a slim, all around protection was the best solution, and thus designed Keyper after much research and prototyping. We believe that Keyper is a useful and aesthetic solution to store, organize and protect your keys.”

To fund the manufacturing process, Keyper launched an indiegogo campaign, where you can pre-order the key organizer for USD$30.

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