Jun Yi Clarence’s Gender F*ck

“I aim to use design to communicate visually and harness the potential impact it may have on society level. I have always tried to use unorthodox methods in achieving the message I wanted to bring across not just with words but with visually powerful imagery.”

Enter the world of Jun Yi Clarence, a graduate from the BA (Hons) Communication Design course at the Glasgow School of Art. For his degree, Clarence created an androgynous child bust using 3D software.

“I used the child bust as a container to hold my perspective on how media have influenced us on gender stereotyping. It is a simple idea that allows me to express my thoughts and fulfill my goal of creating shocking/intriguing imagery. Sometimes we forget that because we live in a world where the media pulls us from the womb, nurses us, and teaches us who we are. “Women being objectified in advertisement”, “Smoke Marlboro to be cool”. Our children are the ones being oppressed and made to suffer the grave consequences … think suicide, low esteem, self-doubt, bullying etc to name a few.

In today’s world, the capitalist predatory influence of media assault the gender notion of children where they are tainted with gender ideologies defined not by choice. Only by challenging the expectation of the society, we could enable people to be more than just emblems of their genitals. The end of binary gender isn’t the abolition of the masculine or feminine. Rather, it is the abolition of the gender tyranny that would divide us into armed camps.”


Dance to the Rhythm with Joeyee Watt

Facts: Joeyee Watt is a fresh graduate from The Glasgow School of Art majoring in Graphic Design. Joeyee is a vocalist and a dancer. Joeyee loves to perform. Result: Joeyee’s final year project fuses his musical passion with his interest in design.

“Inspired by the reality TV series So You Think You Can Dance Australia, I blended  improvised dance movements with a series of “Isochords” inspired graphics; a visualization of musical structure, “Rhythm It” a dance movement (inspired by Marathon) that promotes understanding and appreciation of music, better express oneself and to keep fit/healthy! After the event, participants who want to follow up can go to any of the dance game installation booths (Kinect game inspired) or even buy a DVD which enables them to play at home.”


Beyond Packaging by Siow Han Sheng

Today we applaud the final year project of Han Sheng, a graduate from The Glasgow School of Art. Beyond Packaging is primarily a campaign video aimed at creating social awareness for the excessive use of packaging, all  for the sake of the people we love …

“I make use of a familiar packaging that consumers discard daily as a vehicle to convey the message. Knowing that humans tend to protect what they love, know and understand, my campaign is centered on loved ones. It recognizes that consumers may regret not taking action to protect and renew our environment while they still can. Through this campaign, I encourage that although people cannot put a stop to harm, they can definitely play a part by reducing the impacts for their loved ones. I make use of multiple advertising platforms, and with the aid of Augmented Reality (AR), the user will undergo various sensory experiences through their hand-held devices.”

Han Sheng recently bagged the Student Design Award at the 25th Singapore Design Awards 2014. Other works by this multi-faceted creative include The Survival Cookbook and a collaboration with Changi Airport Singapore for the World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) campaign.


Public Bask by Donson Chan

Meet Donson Chan, a young designer and fresh grad from The Glasgow School of Art. During the graduation show earlier this month, Donson presented his final year project Public Bask, a clothing line that studies the material culture of basking.

“After a recent trip to the United Kingdom, I gained a new dimension to my understanding of sun worship. I used to think that the word ‘sunbathing’ explains modern sun worship and would suffice. The scene at Kelvingrove Park, the massive crowd on the lawn and the billowing smoke has changed my perception of this subject. If sunbathing describes only people who are there for a tan, what would be the word used to portray people who are there for a barbecue, gathering or a Frisbee session? These people came to the park and parked themselves on the lawn genuinely for the sun and not the tan.”

Donson adopted an ontological approach to look at the relationship between people and basking, as well as its history and relationship to the built environment. “It is divided into three sections – past, present and future. PAST discusses the rise of basking – basking being translated from the sunbathing trend led by Chanel, presents the theory of conspicuous leisure. PRESENT examines basking in the 21st century – basking being driven by the accelerating pace of life and intensive work life, and ultimately expressing one’s desire to take time off work to enjoy life. FUTURE explores the concept of basking in relation to the future. Basking could be an expression rather than a physical form.”

Spotted! Cheryl Chu

Smart Pet



60s day

One of the students to look out for ahead of The (NAFA) Grad Show which opens tomorrow, is 22-year-old BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication graduate Cheryl Chu. Cheryl dreams of using advertising to make a difference in the world and that was the subject of her dissertation, “Can advertising make the world a better place?” Her answer is a firm yes.

We hooked up with NAFA and were told that the girl’s socio-conscious work has propelled her into the international limelight, with recent wins at the D&AD Young Blood Awards 2014 with ‘Housepool’ and ‘Smart Pet’, mobile application concepts designed to encourage users to reduce energy usage through a social media platform and a game to nurture an eco-conscious generation.

Besides these two campaigns, Cheryl’s portfolio is also chockfull of other projects for social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations, such as the Breast Cancer Foundation and Lien Foundation. The Lien Foundation project was Obitcheery, an initiative to change people’s perceptions of obituaries and of death, an opportunity to remember fondly of the deceased. Meant to be an obituary written by a person before his/ her death, the obituary can then be folded into the shape of a crane to symbolise the legacy he leaves behind.

Cheryl’s portfolio has also recently bagged her a trip to New York to compete with 23 other advertising students from around the world for the Portfolio Night award.

Check out this and more terrific work at The Grad Show which opens tomorrow and runs till 21 June at Galleries 1 & 2 and Lim Hak Tai Gallery at NAFA Campus 1.

Spotted! Ying Tong Tan

Ying Tong Tan is a graphic designer specialising in books, publications and custom typography. “I see design as one that allows each person to be aware of his/her surroundings, questioning and triggering them to form interpersonal relationships with the work.”

A graduate from Central Saint Martins with a BA(Honours) in Graphic Design, Ying Tong is now based in Singapore after a year of working experience in London.

“My love for books – art and artist books in particular, has motivated me to strive towards my focus in producing conceptual and art-based publications where the form and design of a publication is as important as its concept and content. I am passionate in artist publications as I see the process of designing as a collaboration where both parties contribute to the direction and creation of a work rather than a client-designer based relationship.”

Ying Tong is also a co-founder of a Booktalk13, a blog that documents sharing sessions ‘that brings together books and friends, over cups of tea’.


Making Make with Kelly Yap

Making Make, a design platform led by Hans Tan at the NUS Division of Industrial Design, explores the artisanal charm of a handcrafted product and the beauty of its making process. Kelly Yap was one of the fourteen students tasked to create instruments to aid a small batch production of artisanal products; products with qualities otherwise unthinkable with mass production techniques.

We caught up with Kelly to find out more about her design: “Crumple is a collection of vessels, each created from a single sheet of metal. The crumpling instrument creates natural bends and folds impossible to duplicate manually or by any other manufacturing technique. The metal sheet is prepared prior to the crumpling by drilling holes around its perimeter. Each hole is enforced with a metal eyelet of which a nylon string is weaved through, then knotted. When the string is pulled in quick successions through an apparatus repurposed from a stool, the edges of the metal sheet deform and warp. The resulting vessels fully capture the dynamic motion of their conception.”

The Making Make products are available for purchase online at Haystakt. Check it out!

Nurture designed by Felicia Clare Paul

To NUS Industrial Design graduate, Felicia Clare Paul, design is the problem solving mechanism of the 21st century. “I love problem solving and thinking creatively towards an end outcome that enhances the overall user experience. Making life better through design is what inspires me most and drives my passion for design. To enable people through design is to me, a personal fulfilment.”

About her graduation project: “Nurture is a new soft structured baby carrier that enables and encourages mothers to sustain their breastfeeding efforts past 2 months as they take breastfeeding to the public. By ensuring proper posture for the baby, the carrier ensures a proper latch which is crucial for when breastfeeding. The design allows for an easy switch from a carrying position to a breastfeeding position through the use of a drawstring mechanism, allowing mothers ease in lowering their baby to their breast. Nurture affords security and discretion, giving mothers the much-needed confidence and encouraging them to sustain their breastfeeding efforts when breastfeeding in public.”

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