The Rox & Paper Brooches

Boy oh boy, check out this super nice collection of retro style brooches. Call me a sentimental geek, but the featured series most definitely sparks a wave of nostalgia.

Rox & Paper brooches are limited in quantity and laser-cut from quality acrylic. Each piece is an original artwork which is then made into a unique, fun and highly wearable pin. The colorful designs make a happy statement to your outfit and inject that element of youthful joy to your day.”

Roxanne’s brooches will be on sale at The Local People ‪#‎T8DECK‬ Art Market. You can go down on the 30th of May to schmooz around and to bring back your favourite(s).

Spotted! Shannon Lim

Nice work from Temasek Polytechnic graduate Shannon Lim, a (dixit) “non-award winning designer” skilled in the art of Visual Communication.

How much do we know about Shannon? Not much, but we suggest to navigate your way around his website and take in the rest of his wonderful work.

Somewhere Else x GU Capsule Collection



Dharma Bums


Design Studio Somewhere Else‘s range of graphic t-shirts for Japanese retailer GU is out, and the designs are fantastic.

(from the press release)

“Each graphic is distinct and separate from the others, but the cohesive applied colours tie the collection together. The photos used on the shirts are snippets of  founder Yong’s travel photos, chosen to complement the typography, but ultimately left to the shoppers to interpret. Each chosen word and design captures a different facet of the Somewhere Else design studio, and reflects their constant yearning to push forward.”

Further captures Somewhere Else’s attitude about always wanting to move further and beyond the status quo. Raconteur sums up what the studio wishes to be able to do when they’ve arrived somewhere else. Dharma Bums is in reference to Jack Kerouac’s novel about seeking balance in life, which the studio aims to do. Tomorrows is in relation to Somewhere Else’s modus operandi — “anywhere but here and now”.

The unisex t-shirts come in 3 different colour ways and are available online at Nice!

Spotted! Cheryl Chong

Cheryl Chong designed three publications in which she pairs poetry with photography, historic facts and articles to create a visual dialogue exploring traces of time within architectural spaces and objects of significance in Singapore. Equal parts style, concept and substance, the result is an excellent final year project.

Time-Space-People is an attempt to connect time, space and people, an experimental exploration into poetic expression of space within places, based upon spatial experience through photography, video and various mediums. In hopes that through the process, these places and objects can take on new meanings; and that the collective memory of our nation could extend beyond our generation.”

Cheryl likes to explore areas that lie between art and design. To her, design should be a combination of aesthetics and framing an experience for the viewer; simple yet multi-dimensional, allowing layers of meanings and thoughts to be threaded within. “The designer does not merely create a piece of design, but breathes life into his/her work. Only then will people be able to truly feel and connect with the creation.”

Spotted! Keith Chong

Today we give a peek at the final year project of ADM Visual Communication grad Keith Chong.

“Simple things around me inspire me, even a crumpled trash bag could be appreciated by its form and texture. I see the world differently and I enjoy sharing it by translating them into my works, using visuals that are both thought-provoking and communicates at unconventional angles.”

Now get that portfolio up and running so that we can discover more great work!

Banner Shuffle: DOUBLE

“The banner is pretty much what we think of works that makes an impact in culture and society. Great work is a distillation of blood, sweat and tears.” – Jyren Koh and Silver Phang aka DOUBLE, a creative collaboration specializing in Creative Direction, Branding and Design.

Project Plug! DEAR Vol 1: Lost and Found

Spotted on Haystakt, Dear Vol 1: Lost and Found, a very tasteful publication by Do Not Design and curated by Yanda.

(from the press release)

DEAR is a zine that collects, archives and immortalises in print, all things fun and unique. From casual conversations to visual essays that aim to assault your senses, to basically anything that piques our curiosity, DEAR celebrates the unusual and the interesting in the spirit of fun. With a healthy pinch of humour and just a dash of seriousness, DEAR is for the everyday person who wishes to uncover the little oddities in everyday life.

For our inaugural issue, we visit nostalgia by exploring the theme Lost and Found in our salad-bowl of a nation, Singapore. Mixed cultures, forgotten identities and the quest for meaning in retrospection are uncovered and probed into by contributing artists Ang Song Nian, Aik Beng Chia, Caleb Ming, Cleo Tsw, Debbie Ong Gie, Ernest Goh, Esther Goh, GT Gan, John Clang, John Nursalim and Yang Tan.

Like what you’re seeing? Better pre-order your copy!

Spotted! Cai Weijie

We don’t feature enough Product Design here on Culturepush – I know – but we pretty much have to wait for student work to pop up in our news feed around graduation time. So please folks – get your work out there and email us!

Today we would like you to meet Cai Weijie who will be graduating from Product Design at the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) this May. We asked him about his final year work (top image) and here goes: “The art of Photography and the practices of its craft encourage the understanding of the relationship between the Object and Subject. Through alternative photographic processes, photographers explore various experimental methods and mediums in the making of images. This project aims to enrich the senses through a versatile photographic system which allows the user to switch between historical and contemporary practices. As such, it expands the photography experiences which are fading from today’s societal practices with digital technology as tools change the way we engage with the subject.”

You can sniff out Weijie’s project at the ADM Grad show which opens on 8 May and runs through the 17th. Watch their FB page for details.

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