KUURO by Adonis Toh



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Designed by graduating Product Design student Adonis Toh, KUURO is an attempt at an alternative system to provide sound input to the hearing impaired by means of vibrations.

Fashioned like a stylish neckband, KUURO possesses the capability to “detect the location of a sound, and determine if the situation is regular or dangerous by means of built-in electret microphones.”

“They then relay the information to the wearer, through specially positioned vibration motors and convert auditory signals into tactile sensations,” Adonis continues.”The core neckband is sleek, and elegantly designed to give the hearing impaired a “sense of security”, also allowing them to “feel” sound. KUURO‘s design to translate sound into coloured lights relies on the wearer’s situation and surroundings.”

Project Hex by Gerald Chin

Project Hex-1

Project Hex Hoverboard-1

Project Hex-2

Government plans to expand Singapore’s network of park connectors to 360 km by 2020 and a call for stricter laws on reckless driving. That is exactly what inspired Industrial Design student Gerald Chin. The result, Project Hex, Gerald’s futuristic take on the plans.

Gerald: “Project Hex is the gamification of the mobility device with a touch of futuristic elements in the design and engineering concepts. The project has three components; The Arena, The Board and The Game. The Arena is a dynamic platform that is able to generate various obstacles such as ramps, walls and slopes on the fly. This ever-evolving arena pushes the player’s extremes and creates an unpredictable and refreshing game play every time. The Arena provides a safe and conducive environment for users to push the limits of the sport and themselves. A virtual reality simulation of The Board and The Arena was created to bring the experience to life. The Board is an omni-directional hoverboard that has a spherical drive system allowing it to achieve maximum maneuverability, providing it with the ability to transverse the obstacles in The Arena. With it’s unique hollowed-out design, The Board retains its strength but it is light at the same time. The Game is the strategy game play the arena is built around. Two teams of three will compete against each other in a game of Capture the Flag in The Arena. The teams consists of the Overwatch, the Blocker and the Rider. The Overwatch will lead and direct the team strategy, while the blocker executes on the strategy by creating the obstacles and the rider focuses on capturing the flag.”

“The VR simulation of the project was done in collaboration with Asia Fusion Technology (AFT) to come out with the Game Design Architecture and the entire VR simulation system. My project is also funded by Autodesk with all the 3D assets was designed on Autodesk Fusion 360.

Mapping the Invisible by Goh Shuhui

MAN 01

MAN 02

MAN 03

MAN 04

Mapping the Invisible: Transforming Singapore urban data into art through effective colour palettes by Goh Shuhui, focuses on the role of new urban media as a tool to unveil invisible information on the diverse aspects of urban life.

“Think air quality, the intensity of sunlight and transportation patterns,” she explains. “Given the various technologies in current context, new media art has the ability to provide a collective sense of the environment. Thus, this project exposes and raises awareness on the invisible harmful presence of ultraviolet radiation and air pollutants in public urban settings through a prototype that uses effective colour palettes to introduce new experience of reading data.”

Shuhui’s project is displayed on Media Art Nexus (MAN), a fifteen meters by two meters large media LED wall at the North Spine Plaza at NTU. MAN is a part of the Art on Campus initiative by the NTU Art & Heritage Museum and a permanent public art installation. “For this occasion, it is transformed into a mapping platform of Singapore to enable Ultraviolet (UV) Index and Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) data to be visualised across the different island locations and time of the day.”

Encube, The Art of Concealment by James Sua







James Sua is a young designer with a background in Product Design (NTU) and Interior Design (SP), and one of the graduating NTU ADM students that will be showcasing his work at the ADM SHOW 2017.

“For centuries, secret compartments have been built into boxes to conceal the owner’s most valuable belongings and private documentation. As technology advances, these compartments became an Art of Concealment to illustrate the ability and ingenuity of a box maker. The project seeks to rekindle the crafts of hidden spaces in a modern piece of private furniture to improve storage problems and reminisce the memories of our valuable everyday items.

EnCube is a piece of personal private furniture that can only be opened effortlessly with the user’s knowledge. With the aid of a decoding passage and collection of curios, it invites viewers through a journey of cryptic conundrums and rediscover the secret compartments within. Upon emptied, the EnCube remains as a fine piece of containment that provides hidden spaces to our daily lives.”

Showers Forecasted by Andrew Loh

andrew loh-clear skies

CLEAR SKIES – Inspired by sun loving plants. Pure glycerin soap leaves are infused with a variety of scents. Pick a fresh new leaf and scent for your shower each day.

andrew loh-monsoon rains

MONSOON RAINS – Multiple layered soap. Various natural exfoliating bath fibers are mixed into the various scented layers of soap. The layers erode away with each shower, revealing a new surface of exfoliating texture and scent.

andrew loh-sunny with isolated rains

SUNNY WITH ISOLATED RAINS – Twin set of hand made shower soaps with points to blissfully massage your daily cares away. Mild goat’s milk soap with a exfoliating merino wool felt outer layer.

andrew loh-partly cloudy

PARTLY CLOUDY – Hand made mild goat’s milk soap with a felted merino wool outer layer. Wool fibers are excellent as an exfoliating agent and its natural antibacterial quality renders it completely hygienic throughout its life. No more soggy soaps, it air dries completely after every shower by standing on its legs which doubles as handles when bathing.

andew loh-light breeze

LIGHT WINDS – Elegant and delicately scented shavings of soap petals.

SHOWERS FORECASTED is a series of handmade soaps devised by visual artist and industrial designer Andrew Loh. Based around meteorological terms, the minimally chic soaps will bring visual happiness and a sensorial experience for those who lather up.

“In tropical Singapore, the weather is reassuringly constant, some may say it is even boring as it is routinely either hot or raining outside. However, upon closer observation, we find that the weather has many distinct states and personalities. Similarly, SHOWERS FORECASTED is my re-imagination of how mundane daily rituals can offer moments of fun and delight. These objects will inspire a new appreciation for our daily showers, these rare and valuable moments of quiet respite in our buzzing fast paced, always connected lives.”

Andrew runs a design studio and his portfolio is full with engaging art, design installations and carefully crafted objects. Check it out!

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