Feel the Culturepulse, Issue 5

This is our fifth issue of Culturepulse. And what have we got in store for you?

Eight artists and loads of great stuff to digest; unapologetically beautiful virgins of sorrow, flavorsome paperscapes, wonderfully different lingerie prints, some kind of expedition, a masking tape message on a hill, and more.

Stop salivating!


Feel the Culturepulse, Issue 4

Enter Issue 4 and be blown away by the ineffable goodness of the work.

This month we are frothing at the mouth for secret lips, pierced hearts, feel good fashion and some seriously cute bling bling munchie. We also offer you a pile of bits including a walkabout to the Church of Intoxication Anonymous to top it off.

Thank you for our active appreciation!

PS: We are currently experiencing technical problems with issuu, hence the (basic) flickr slideshow.  And yes, the quality is not amazing, but we will upload the issuu magazine as soon as possible.


Feel the Culturepulse, Issue 3

Right then you smitten kittens – Ready to lose 10 minutes of your morning? But of course you are.

This month it’s about being young & restless, eccentric toy design, Bullwinkle and Bambi sheds on a chain, mian xiang mastery, and more.

Lovely stuff all round! May they continue doing what they’re doing for a long time to come.


Feel the Culturepulse, Issue 2

So there you have it. The second batch of seven makers of all things awesome. Expect young folk in lovely frocks hanging out in the kitchen, hot-hued odd-toed ungulates, a man walking his bearopus, Sokkuan nibbling at her Kuih-muih artwork, and more.

Now guzzle your morning energy drink, put your feet up, and surrender to 31 pages of visual pleasure.

You’re welcome.


Feel the Culturepulse, Issue 1

Starting today we’re filling a monthly slot with a mix of eye-popping stuff  from  the fresh-faced talents which we featured here between 2007 and 2010, and have since blossomed into established creatives-on-the-scene.

Expect to see some stoking work put front and centre in our brandnew monthly digimag, CULTUREPULSE. So here goes the first installment. Take it away!

PS: We emailed all the peeps we featured between 2007 and 2010. Quite a number of emails bounced back. But don’t fret, you can always email michele@culturepush.com if you want to be part of our retrospective.




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Feel The CulturePulse

Culturepulse is a retrospective of the fresh-faced talents which we featured on Culturepush, and have since blossomed into established creatives-on-the-scene.

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