Project Plug: &journal

&journal is an annual free publication started by two photographers Alvin Tang and Joel Chan in 2010. “It’s a visual diary of our growth artistically as well as personally; presented in the form of portraitures and landscapes. It is also a collaboration effort and hopefully there will be more like-minded people who will share their journey with us.”

Every issue has a limited run of 200 copies and they are available for pick up only at specific stores (each issue comes with different stockists). Issue #4 has been launched earlier this month and you can get your mitts on it here.


Project Plug: The Barbershop Reading Project

The guys at BooksActually are a whirlwind of initiatives, and for that we blooming love them. This time they tickled our fancies with a banger of a project aimed at spreading the word of local literature to the heartlands.

So, how exactly does this work ? Culturepush reaches out to head honcho Kenny Leck to find out more: “We are seeding books from our publishing arm, Math Paper Press, at barbershops and hair salons islandwide. The team chose to target barbershops as people usually pick up magazines or books while getting a haircut. Our team has gone around Singapore for the past 2 months, seeding our titles in any barbershops which are receptive to us placing our books there. We pick out titles which are more accessible to the public so we refrain from distributing books with sensitive content. Our main aim is really to spread the word about local literature so we don’t keep track of whether the copies are still there or whether it’s been pinched by their customers. We are more than happy to have the customers take back the books with them! Right now we have seeded about 90 barbershops in Singapore and this will be an ongoing project for us. We aim to seed at least 15 to 20 barbershops a month and hopefully have MPP titles readily available in barbershops and hair salons island wide.”


Singapore Icon Studio Project

HDB by Chang Shian Wei.

The Dancing Joaquim by Quiet Studio.

Days of Lightning by ampulets.

Tembusu by Desinere.

 National Bird of Singapore by Relay Room.

“An icon is symbolic. It can represent a set of beliefs, or values. It speaks of a particular time and place, a people and their culture.”

Today we are slobbering unashamedly at  S U P E R M A M A‘s  new project where five local design studios were invited to produce a graphic focussed around  Singapore icons. Lovely!

About the project:

The Singapore Icons Studio Project is initiated by S U P E R M A M A to create a collection of ceramic ware with Japanese ceramic company KIHARA INC. The Project’s key design intent is to explore the possibility of identifying, beyond the Merlion, new Singapore icons. Five designers and design studios were invited to take part in this Project, and their exploration of what these new Singapore icons can be is launched as a collection of ceramic ware under S U P E R M A M A’s new label Democratic Society .

The ceramic wares can be bought at S U P E R M A M A at SAM 8Q.

Photo credit: Meng Kwang.


The Rojak Rendezvous

(from the press release)

Singaporean urban art collective RSCLS presents the Rojak Rendezvous- a 4 day festival celebrating French and Singaporean culture through the medium of urban art. The festival will see a ménage a trois of a live art jam, master class workshop and artist talk.

Graffiti and street art is a global art phenomenon. Its presence cannot be denied in any city in the world, from Sao Paolo to Surabaya. While the mediums and methodologies employed might be similar, each artist works in the context of their own urban landscape, bound by the geo political nature and social make up of their cities. This creates a diverse landscape of street art practices and experiences.

In an effort to encourage understanding of the art form, French artists Kongo and KA’a and Singaporean artists Antz, Clogtwo, Zero, SKL0 will share their unique practices – artistic practices that have been shaped by the unique urban landscapes of the cities that each artist hails from. From the streets of Narvaland and Paris to the back alleys of Jalan Besar and Arab Street, audiences will be taken on a journey to explore and understand the unique paradox of urban arts through the nozzles of these artists.

14-15 March, 3pm-10pm LIVE ART JAM at The Subsation. Artists Kongo, KA’a and RSCLS come together to create a mural on the walls of the Substation. 16 March, 12pm-6pm MASTER CLASS WORKSHOP at the RSCLS Studio. Learn technique, idea development and conceptualization from Kongo, KA’a or RSCLS. The workshop is conducted by each artist/ collective to a select number of applicants in an exclusive and intimate setting. Application for the Masterclass is now open. Send your name, age, contact number, email address and link to your online portfolio / 3 images of your past work to Shortlisted applicants will be notified. 17 March, 12pm-3pm ARTIST TALK at The Substation Theatre. Get into the brains of the invited artists and speakers in this personal artist talk as they share their unique practices; artistic practices that have been shaped by the unique urban landscapes that each artist hails from. Questions are open to the floor and dialogue is encouraged. This event is open for all. Speakers: Kongo (Fr), KA’a (Fr), ZERO (Sg), SKL0 (Sg), Trase One (Sg)

For more updates, please visit the official event page on Facebook.


OH! 2013 The Happiness Index

(from the press release)

OH!, Singapore’s only art walkabout, makes a foray into the high powered boardrooms and offices of Marina Bay. Alan Oei, co-founder and curator, explains the shift away from housebased exhibitions: “I thought Marina Bay was all office, glass, steel and mirrors. But there is a secret and fascinating life beneath all that. In many ways, one can look at it as manifesting a kind of zeitgeist. It’s a really interesting moment in Singapore now, and the arts should be part of that conversation.”

Themed ‘The Happiness Index,’ OH! Marina Bay will feature 13 artists spread out through six very different or exclusive locations. Visitors on tour get to see the insides of key representatives of the financial industry that drives Singapore’s economy. In contrast, visitors will also see a labyrinth of a lawyer’s office, seemingly from the 80s, when Shenton Way still ruled supreme. Through a more diverse selection than previous editions – graphic design, performance, installation – the artists will present an alternative portrait of Marina Bay, one that may turn out quirkily different from the official narrative of our place in the global economy.

Artistic Highlights

OH! has newly commissioned almost all the works to be specific to the site and neighbourhood. :phunk – bomb over 2m tall in the central foyer of Deutsche Bank,  Evil Empire – hall of mirrors inspired by Kafka’s Der Process, spell#7 – tea ladies invoke the folk song of Bengawan Solo, in view of the Bay, Shubigi Rao – series of table sculptures inspired by the ethos and architecture of corporate boardrooms.

Artist line-up: 

:phunk / art and design collective • Eeshaun / illustrator • Evil Empire / curatorial programme • Frayn Yong / sculptor • Green Zeng / visual artist • Joy Abigail Ho / visual artist • Nguan Tan / photographer • Samantha Tio / visual artist • Sherman Ong / filmmaker • Shubigi Rao / visual artist • spell#7 / intimate theatre • studioKALEIDO / design • Tan Peiling / sound artist.

5, 6, 12 13, 19, 20 January 2013 at Marina Bay Financial Tower 3, Level 3 outside DBS Asia Central MBFC Branch. Tickets at the door $20. Early bird tickets only for 6 January, $15.


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