Spotted! Tell Your Children


Tell Your Children aka TYC Studios is an art collective consisting of four talented illustrators – Deon, Lydia, Kevin and Russell.

Since coming together end of 2013, the prolific collective has been working on mural projects for clients such as Sailor Jerry, Hendrick’s Gin as well as curated their own exhibition at the SBTG Studios. In addition, they participated in the recent Singapore Design Week by holding a pop-up exhibition in collaboration with The Redundant Shop. The event featured live mural painting and a silk-screen station with their quirky brand of art.

“TYC Studios was formed with a vision in mind, which is to serve as an artistic platform for creative minds to come together and explore the vast possibilities of collaboration through various mediums and art forms.”

Follow TYC on Facebook, see more of their work or buy cool stuff from them.


Spotted! Teoh Yi Chie aka Parka

La Casa De Les Punxes, Barcelona, Spain (July 2013)

Angkor Thom’s south entrance, Siem Reap, Cambodia (January 2014)

Purvis Street (March 2012)

Labrador Park (October 2013)

Meet the maker of these mighty fine sketches, Teoh Yi Chie aka Parka (from Parka Blogs). He is a member of the Urban Sketchers Singapore, a group of people with the sharpest observational eye that manages to nail some intensively detailed compositions during their organized sketch walks. “It’s a really fun group where like-minded people come together, visit different places in Singapore and just sketch what we see. Even though Singapore is small, there are still places to explore. With sketching, you learn to see things and places with a new perspective and sense of appreciation. I join the group for monthly sketch walks and we have even gone sketch walks in Penang, Bangkok, Spain and most recently Cambodia.”

His sketches can be seen here and if you want to get an idea what a sketch walk is like, you can view one of his many sketch walk videos. Jealous? I know I am.


Lovers These Days … by #twogirlsonecard

#twogirlsonecard is the new go-to label for cool, colourful illustrations and craft works, bringing together the skills of illustrators Teeteeheehee (Teresa) and PAYNK (Sharon). Today we focus on their spanking new Valentine’s Day collection “Lovers These Days…

“Lovers These Days…”, is a collection of Valentine’s Day cards that will change what people expect of a greeting card. These beautifully illustrated, slightly girly but generally unisex cards contain lists to check off, tables to complete, statements to select from and blanks to fill in, making writing and receiving a card much more fun but nonetheless sincere. This quirky series targets different sorts of lovers that the two artists observe these days. Humorous, love-drenched but not overtly romantic, these cards help those who find it hard to write sweet confessions from scratch and for those who find it easy, this is yet another reason to just have fun this season of love.”

I suggest you hop over to their site to admire the witty fruits of their collab in close-up. Yes, do it now.


Project Plug: Foundin, A City Installation

Foundin Singapore is a city installation of tiny figurines, planted in public places and waiting to be found between 8 and 19 January 2014. The project seeks to close the gap between Art and the People by challenging the pre-conceived notion of Art and the space that Art occupies. Integrating Art into public common spaces, the figurines disrupt one’s preoccupation in the metropolis and ask city dwellers to be more aware of their surroundings and notice the small details.

By shrinking human figures to miniature plastic models, Foundin challenges to simplify our human connection by removing the many pre-conceived biases based on physicality and social difference. All figurines in Foundin are individuals seeking to be found in one way or another, just like every one of us. The project places a miniature city within a city and explores how we, the higher and larger beings, interact with much smaller counterparts. Even if none of the figurines are found, it still speaks volumes of the city.

Starting today, the hand painted figurines are available online for ‘adoption’…

How does it work?

  1. Go to the Foundin website and register. It’s free!
  2. Choose a figurine and write a message for the ‘finder’
  3. Between 8 and 19 January 2014, the adopted figurines will be planted all over Singapore, waiting to be found
  4. The finder scans the QR code of the figurine to log the find

The heart of Foundin is the online count of “Found” figurines which hopefully inspires a growing audience to head out and actively explore the city in detail; to notice art in a different scale and perspective.

LIKE the  Foundin Facebook page  for updates or follow the portraits of the figurines in other cities on Instagram @foundinsg.

Foundin Singapore is a commission for the M1 Singapore FringeFestival, themed Art & the People.


Project Plug: Goodcraft by Neighbourgoods

Images by Jovian Lim.

Every time Neighbourgoods pops out a new project we’re all like “Yeah man, that’s awesome!” Well my words exactly (again) since first getting wind of their ‘Apron’ project.

James Teo, Neighbourgoods“About 2 years ago, when Fahmy (FIN) showed me the aprons that he made, I was blown away. We kept saying that we should collaborate to make something that puts craft and aprons together. Fast forward to early 2013, we decided to dive head-on into putting together a show simply as reminder of the importance of craftsmanship. It’s great that there is a lot more talk and respect given to craft, but in a world that worships things done fast and cheap, total focus on practising a craft can really be a hard thing to do. So Goodcraft was conceived.”

Why an apron? “As the craftsman works, the apron protects the wearer and carries the different tools and accessories unique to their craft. The apron bears the marks of the craftsman’s daily activities, habits, and methods over time. It speaks not only of what they do, but who they are.”

Besides the Goodcraft show apron, they invited eight creatives to customise a blank canvas apron for their Goodcraft show. Here’s a peek at the customized pieces to whet your appetite for the upcoming Goodcraft show which opens Friday and runs until 3 November at the Dwelling Concept.

“It’s about take the time to refine, hone and perfect your skills or an object – it’s about obsession and passion.” – Stolen.

“Honesty to material yet being able to use them in a refreshing way.” – Bureau.

“Craft means something that will take years to master. It is something that can be part of your life. It needs focus, love, and intention. It is dependent on how skilled your hands are, your mental stamina and, a lot of the time, on your mood. I believe there is no finishing line when it comes to craft… If the piece is made with love and care, the owner or use can have thousands of conversations about it and that same energy would spread.” – Sabotage.

“Pure intention in the concept, intention and process.” – Christopher John Fussner.

“Craft – an oft-misquoted and abused word. At the heart of it, it means to me the act of making something beautiful by hand, controlled only by the human mind. Machines and tools are supposed to be but conduits of our creativity.” – Ed Et Al.

“Great ideas have to be accompanied and complemented by craft that understands the vernacular and accentuates the crux of a body of work…The passion for craft develops my character in being honest to myself and my work. This is what constantly drives me to improve as an illustrator.” – MessyMsxi.

“Craft means knowing the trade inside out, understanding the tools of the trade than the trappings and the drama of the occupation.” – Hounds of the Baskervilles.

“Craft is something that I try to work on everyday. It’s my point of departure and sometimes, arrival. In some cases, it comes after art but I don’t think you can have one without the other.” – Speak Cryptic.

For more information about the craftsmen and their craft, visit the Neighbourgoods page.


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