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Images by Jovian Lim. Art Direction by Foreign Policy Design.

Although you might be comfortable working from your bedroom, a coffee shop or the library, there are days when you just want a dedicated space to work from and meet interesting people by simply working alongside them during the day.

Yes, we are talking a co-working environment. Housed in a former 1920s biscuit factory along the historic Keong Saik Road, The Working Capitol is a new co-working space designed to “incite creativity and ideas development”.

“The Working Capitol is about community, and finding and making ways of helping the community get to work. The support systems breed a cross-pollination of ideas, between individuals and across businesses, and the open spaces provide a platform for people to come together to discover, create, and collaborate. Sections of the space are demarcated as private offices, fixed and free working desks, and meeting rooms, but there is plenty of room for daily interaction and conversation amongst all members. Amenities range from the standard facilities, to administrative, secretarial, and community services. We also have our own café which is perfect for casual gatherings, lunch meetings, networking sessions, and after-work parties, or simply for short breaks or a quick bite. There is also a dedicated events space open to lifestyle brands, corporates and agencies, coupled with an exciting lineup of additional F&B establishments.”

You can choose how you work and some of the options include the Workspot – the ideal desk for freelancers – a more permanent Workdesk in a quiet zone or the Workspace, a private, dedicated space for teams of two to eight people. I strongly suggest you book a tour to figure out all of the details.

Anyways, the good folks at TWC hit us up with two month passes at a Workspot desk. Email  if you want to plant your tuckus on a hot spot for a month  … free of charge. Update! We have two winners. More luck next time.



Arts Lab : Atmospheres

(from the press release)

Arts Lab is a Ngee Ann Polytechnic student platform that presents new and experimental contemporary performing and visual arts. Atmospheres, the first season to be presented by Arts Lab, will take place from 12 to 16 January 2015 in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Atmospheres will explore the relationship between sound and movement, the interdependence and compatibility of the two mediums. In this inaugural multi-disciplinary season, artists Bani Haykal, Angie Seah and Sewon FoodLab will be experimenting with sounds and pushing the limits of movement through their respective performance and installations. On the other hand, SA(仨) will be exploring the bond between the two mediums as they collaborate with Loretta Lim. Dancers of Counterpoint will also be showcasing their exploration within space, time and body.

Performance Details
Date: 14 January 2015, Wednesday
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Location: Music Box, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Admission: $10

Exhibition Details
Date: 12- 16 January 2015, Monday – Friday
Time: 10am – 6pm
Location: Glass Pods @ Block 58, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Admission: FREE


Event! Poems about Chaos

A unique event to look out for in the Esplanade Late Nite Series is Poems and Chaos, pairing up Bani Haykal (B-Quartet) and Darren Ng (sonicbrat).

“Collisions, chance and coincidences; these seemingly innocent actions are ingredients for happy accidents or an indelible mess. Poems About Chaos is a dialogue between Bani and Darren on sonic probabilities that arise from a confluence of compositions, improvisations and installations.”

31 October, 9.30pm at the Esplanade Recital Studio. You can buy your tickets here.


The future of Independent Filmmaking

(from the press release)

A new online label for indie films, JUMPTHECUT, helps filmmakers fund, market, and distribute their films on the web. Launching today, the label is holding a call for submissions for filmmakers who are looking to raise funds online.

Our aim is to help filmmakers stay independent. To do that, we employ web technologies in ways tailored to the indie filmmaker, the DIY filmmaking process, and the indie film enthusiast.

We believe in a world where everyone can watch what they want, where creators can make what they want, and everybody has access to content tailored for them, made by passionate individuals. Make freely. Watch freely. Stay Independent.

JUMPTHECUT is an effort to bring the experience of films back to the source, in a similar fashion to what sites like Medium and Etsy have done for writing and crafts respectively. And at the same time, we would like to make sure filmmakers can stay independent sustainably.

This begins with curation. Every month, we select a batch of film projects that are to enter production and promote them in a magazine-like website. Each film lives in a self-contained online campaign page, tailored to its creative voice and potential audience, and begins to attract interest from people.

All this interest is funnelled into a campaign to raise money for the films, pledged by people interested enough to want to pay for it if it comes to fruition. If you’re making this, I will pay to see it. If enough people share that sentiment, the project goes through and the pledged funds are collected. If not, well, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

Now in beta, the label is offering all of its design, editorial and crowdfunding services for free. While the beta version only helps filmmakers fund their films, JUMPTHECUT eventually hopes to distribute these films on the website as well.

Starting today, JUMPTHECUT is open to independent filmmakers who are looking to raise funds for their projects in the month of June.

Your projects can be in any stage, whether it’s pre-production, in production, or post-production. We are looking for projects that are thought provoking, emotionallyengaging, or boundary-pushing. We are accepting any project that is in the medium of video. Send all your entries to and include a short summary of your project, the funds you would like to raise, and why you have decided to make it.


Welcome to, your virtual 3D-gallery

(from the press release) is a virtual gallery built on a multi-player gaming platform, where visitors are able to interact with each other on the site in real time, regardless of their locations in the world. The project is not meant to replace the physical experience of visiting a gallery but instead to become a strong supplemental part of gallery outreach efforts.

With support from the National Arts Council, the gallery’s “doors” will officially open on 19 April, 7pm (GMT +8) on It will feature 15 artists from the Web Art Movement Singapore  in its inaugural show, The Web Art Show.

“This is essentially an experiment but one with endless possibilities for the future. There are many ways in which state museums, commercial galleries, not-for-profits, artists, and industry professionals could possibly use this platform. Not in the least to reduce the cost of logistics and travel but also to extend their reach to audiences who may not be able to physically attend exhibitions for economic reasons, health concerns, or even weather conditions.” – Eugene Soh, Web Art Movement founder.

About the Web Art Movement

The Web Art Movement is a project started in January last year by Eugene where 56 one-worded .sg domains were acquired and made available free of charge on Artists world-wide are able to adopt them and exercise their creativity with them for a year. The domains available comprise short words such as and, and the occasional colloquial Singaporean English or Singlish words such as One would expect these domains to have been snapped up long ago but to Eugene’s surprise, they were still available for purchase, showing how young the Internet really is.

About Eugene Soh

Eugene, also known as, graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2013. Upon his graduation, he held his first solo art exhibition, “Dude’s Show: Musings and Meditations on his Reality” in Singapore, where his photography and interactive installation work were showcased. The show was sponsored by OCBC Bank, one of the major banks in Singapore. Eugene uses his technological expertise to manipulate various forms of digital art and is constantly aspiring towards new ways to push technology for art. His distinct conversationalist style allows him to engage his audience with humor and grace. Eugene Soh is represented by Chan Hampe Galleries and acknowledges their valuable advice in preparation for this project.

To visit the gallery, go to to download the entire gallery or visit it on your web browser. Once connected, use the mouse and keyboard to navigate, explore and chat.


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