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Dear Santa,

Seeing as I’ve been so well behaved, I think I deserve something unique under my tree this year … something that would get me yelping … a BooksActually Box maybe?

This is how it works dear Santa …

– Choose a BooksActually Elf based on recommendations and reading profiles
– Pick a 3, 6, or 12 month membership
– Ship the box including a little gift to complement my reading experience

PS: Don’t forget to throw in a roaring fire and a case of wine. After all, I’m totally worth it!

Thank you Santa.

Michèle Adriaens

Exhib! Hello, My Name Is Joseph Schooling


Natalie Lee & Patrick van Dam


Do Not Design & &Larry


Practice Theory & Ed


Somewhere Else & studioKALEIDO


X Spots The Mark & Tan XinNing

Hello, My Name Is Joseph Schooling is a photo book by Alvin Toh about Olympic gold medallist, Joseph Schooling. In conjunction with the launch of the book, 10 local designers were commissioned to design a promotional poster.

Go underground before 30 November and marvel at the posters on display in MRT stations across the dot.

Track Faults and Other Glitches: Stories of the impossible in Singapore


Track Faults and Other Glitches by Nicholas Yong is a collection of 10 short stories (speculative fiction), published by Marshall Cavendish, and launching at the Singapore Writers Festival on November 6.


In “Track Faults and Other Glitches”, Nicholas Yong takes us on a journey into an alternate Singapore, where the impossible becomes real. Deep in the heart of the Zombie Civil Service, a secret meeting is held to preempt an impending disaster. In the heartlands, a devoted Shiba Inu, a dog breed from Japan, seeks the divine in her quest for answers. And what happens when an MRT train goes underground, and never comes back out? This collection of 10 short stories transports you from the deeply familiar to the supernatural, exploring things that cannot and should not be.

The book can be purchased at the Writers Festival, and will be available at major bookstores from tomorrow onwards. Click here to order the book online.




Genevieve Chua


Sarah Choo Jing


Hilmi Johandi


Charles Lim


Tang Ling Nah


Dawn Ng


Shubigi Rao


Robert Zhao

(from the press release)

Imagine the stories a city could tell. A busy street corner, a crumbling wall, an open window — The different stories linked to these ordinary places come from the unique experiences of individuals, and their narratives are what breathe life into the city.

ProductIon Q is proud to present the inaugural launch of THE CITY BOOK – SINGAPORE, a beautiful hardcover book containing a series of unique stories told through the perspectives of a selected group of contemporary local artists, accompanied by the creation of art works which reflect the artist’s unique relationships with different elements of the city.

THE CITY BOOK – SINGAPORE holds within it the stories of these multicultural artists, all of which reflects the diverse perspectives of culture, exploring themes including urban isolation, nostalgia, nature, and the viewpoint of living within transitory spaces.

Each artist brings us on a personal journey of life in Singapore through texts, images or anecdotes, interpreting themes from heritage to language and identity.

Packaged in a luxurious hardcover format, these stories are connected to locations through an illustrated map to provide readers with a tangible guide, allowing a dialogue to emerge between the reader and the artist as the reader navigates the city’s stories through the book.

THE CITY BOOK – SINGAPORE will be on sale from November 1 at selected bookstores. Preorder before the 31st October to receive a 15% discount and no shipping fees. Click here for details.

My School Uniform by Yix Quek






My School Uniform, authored by Yix Quek in collab with photographers Nicky Loh, Louis Kwok, Benny Loh, Soh Qiu Ling and book designer Yong Kam Ling, catalogues the uniforms of 142 secondary schools in Singapore. The 365-page book also highlights schools that have closed down or merged with other schools, and the meanings behind the design of various school badges.

Since completing My School Uniform, the book has deservedly received a lot of attention in the press. If you are curious to find out more, I suggest you click here.

The book is available from all major bookstores.

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