Spotted! Sobandwine

wanderlust mural-1

wanderlust mural-2

wanderlust mural-3

Untitled: a love letter for everyone, from anyone. Mural Art, Wanderlust Hotel  (2018)
“Tucked in the back alley of Wanderlust Hotel, Untitled is a love letter for everyone, from anyone. Marigold, often picked for garlands and weddings as love charms in the Indian culture, is believed to have superstitious powers, of ceasing gossips and promoting cheerful conversations. It also symbolizes celebration, passion and creativity. Our mural adopts the aesthetic of a digital window with an email opener of Dear and closing of Love, so as to invite viewers to fill in the blank. When words are lost, the language of flowers can express love, hopes and dreams through their grace and beauty alone.”




FM 104.5 MHz. Sound & Visual Installation, Namwon Sound Art Residency (2017)
“In our exploration with sound, we found that it is a sibling of light, where they both move in vibrations and have their personalities based on frequencies. We abstracted images of Namwon into moving colors and played it to Namwon’s Classic Channel FM 104.5 MHz. The sequence and composition of colors that surround us in our environment and the songs on the radio channel, are out of our control. Sometimes we wonder, how are they tuning our consciousness?”

We first came across Sobandwine when they created murals for Nesuoto Café, Lunar Coffee Brewers, Hustle Co and ARTWALK Little India 2018. Earlier this month, Dominic Khoo and Leow Wei Li, the art duo behind Sobandwine, updated their portfolio with a mural made on the walls of the Wanderlust Hotel.

Trained in music (Dominic) and painting (Wei Li) the duo works with sound, paint and technology “to enhance and heighten experiences of meaningful looking or/and listening through their art”.



Spotted! Xinyi aka L.S.O.D.

LSOD-Calendar 2018

LSOD-Halong Bay

LSOD-Party Dish

LSOD-Rainy Day

LSOD-Yoga and I


A self-proclaimed doodler, Xinyi creates works that provoke happy feelings. In 2012 she started her Little Shop of Dreams.  “I share my world through the usually monotoned doodles sometime with a dash of colour and the occasional handicraft.”


THOUGHT LINES An exhibition by Berny Tan


Thought Lines Study #2

Thought Lines – Study #2, 2017

Thought Lines Study #5

Thought Lines – Study #5, 2017

Thought Lines Study #17

Thought Lines – Study #17, 2017

(from the press release)

In her first solo exhibition, Berny Tan presents a new series of twenty abstract embroideries, reflecting on the medium’s obsessive nature through the repetitive motion of stitching. Each study is created by adhering to sets of written rules, based on thought patterns and mechanisms that manifest within the artist’s personal anxieties.

Rejecting the image-making typical of traditional embroidery, the artist concentrates on meticulously enacting these systems. Yet, there remains a latent tension between the mechanical and the human – the pieces are intensely structured at first glance, but closer inspection reveals how every decision, inconsistency, and workaround is recorded in thread.

The series thus seeks to inhabit an ambiguous space where the delicate and the compulsive, the therapeutic and the torturous all coexist; where the desire for control also keeps perfection out of reach.

The exhibition opens on Thursday and runs until 28 January at Supernormal.


Spotted! Joshua Kane Gomes

Compromise #1 (2017)

Compromise #1 (2017)

Compromise #1 (2017) detail

Compromise #1 Detail (2017)

Dah Makan (2017)

Dah Makan? (2017)

Dah Makan (2017) closeup

Dah Makan? Closeup (2017)

Untitled (2017) dark

Untitled (2017)

Untitled (2017)

Untitled (2017)

Last year, Joshua Kane Gomes graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied under the Tuition Grant for Art Institutions. His work primarily centres around themes of identity and space. “Documenting my mental processes and states through the art-making process, I peek into the grey areas between cold rationality and sentimental sensibility,” Joshua explains. “I often work with sculptures and installations that leverage on evoking mood and atmosphere, be it through form or material language.”

Joshua has exhibited in local and international shows including The Dung Beetle Project at Chan + Hori Contemporary and the 3rd Taiwan International Miniature Sculpture Exhibition at the National Dr Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. He also completed mural commissions in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia and picked up the 2017 Cheong Kam Hee Art Prize.



Spotted! ZZ

zz-DIY Paper Effigies

DIY Paper Effigies (2017).
Paper offering construction kits, re-interprets the Chinese tradition of burning paper gifts through a hands-on and intimate process.


Multi-Touch (2015).
Interactive sculptures stimulating gestures of scroll, flick and pinch, extracts the navigational language between our fingers and the smartphone screen out of its interface.

zz-transparent red packet

Transparent Red Packet (2018).
Red packets made tinted and transparent, failing to conceal its monetary gift. Ultimately, it is the thought that counts.

zz-Wrong (Red Chair)

Wrong (Red Chair) (2017).
Wrong is a collection of objects common to an HDB void deck playfully altered, producing an awkward, absurd and surreal quality.


慢 (2016).
Wristwatches pared down to a second hand, reminding you to stop chasing the minutes and live for the moment. Be slow.

“Straightforward, critical and witty, we are ceaseless producers of ideas that comment on society and everyday encounter in a frank and often humorous manner,” says Lim Zeharn, one half of creative studio ZZ.

Together with his twin brother Lim Zeherng, they combine studio art and design. “Our making ranges from disruptive and pattern-breaking artworks to the creative fields of art direction, print and packaging, photography, film and digital multi-media. In commercial projects, we hold a critical focus on constructing brand authenticity, identity to channel and communicate our clients’ core messages.”



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