Holding On by Ow Ting Quan




Ow Ting Quan is a visual artist currently pursuing a (BA) Hons in Design Communication at Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore. Tin Quan is also one of the apprentices from the Young Printmakers League 2017, and you can view the outcome of his hard work at the Working Proofs: Young Printmakers League exhibition which runs until 30 June at Mulan Gallery.

“A piece of paper remembers its folds; a body of water takes the shape of its container—akin to our memories and their temporal nature. My exploration of ephemerality sprouts from the idea that memories are impermanent, where emotions manifested are fleeting, yet remain etched in space. This metaphorical construct embodies an anamnesis as the flow of time decays and muddles the inestimable sentiments that I constantly find myself immersed in—to relieve and survive the inevitable losses.”



Speak by Joscelin Chew

Speak-Joscelin Chew-1

Speak-Joscelin Chew-2

Speak-Joscelin Chew-3

Speak-Joscelin Chew-4

Speak-Joscelin Chew-5

Speak-Joscelin Chew-6

© Young Printmakers League

Joscelin Chew graduated with a BA Fine Art (Honours) Degree from Goldsmiths College, London in 2015. She is interested in the practice of walking – “the experience of the walking process disrupted by the medium format camera, which serves as a mediating device between the image and the experience.”

Joscelin created the featured series during a mentorship programme by local printmaking studio, Monster Gallery.

Speak explores the beauty and subtlety of silence through investigating various ways of understanding and perceiving silence. Each individual print is an evidence that suggests to the viewer a common thread of silence. I often get questioned about being quiet during my everyday encounters which appeared to be a negative interpretation of silence. However, I believe that silence is not necessarily negative and for it to exist, there needs to be sound. Silence can be considered as a language that conveys what cannot be translated entirely through words. Can we see silence? Can we hear silence? Does silence exist?”

Check out Joscelin’s work at the Working Proofs: Young Printmakers League exhibition which runs until 30 June at Mulan Gallery.


Casual Statements by Nicholas Zechariah Wong

Casual Interview

Casual Response

Casual Statements

Nicholas Zechariah Wong is a graduating Communication Design student at the Glasgow School of Art Singapore, currently showing his final year project at the degree show.

“Casual Statements” is a design initiative that began with this very common yet derogatory statement, “Don’t go out by yourself, if not, the Apu Neh Neh will come catch you!”. Growing up as a local born chinese, I remember this casual remark that many parents makes when their children don’t listen to them and sometimes I wonder if it is even true at times. Through this piece of work, it questions the use of casual statements in common daily life scenarios and the thoughts of the recipients of the subtle yet derogatory remarks.

Drop by the show before it closes on June 23.


Making Places by Junyi Wong



making places-1

“makingplaces.sg is an independent creative initiative to document our neighbourhood and build an archive of our environments,” Junyi tells Culturepush about her thesis project, now on display at the GSA Singapore Degree Show 2017.

“We live in and go to places all over, but sometimes we can be oblivious to the stories of our surroundings. makingplaces.sg brings these tales to light, archiving journeys, stories and even secrets. Engaging Singaporeans to share their journeys and impressions of their neighbourhood, we hope to build a sense of belonging amongst them: one that pushes them to look beyond the surface and reveal the beauty of even seemingly mundane corners.”

Drop by the show before June 23.


What’s Wrong with Black sheep by Abdul Rahman

What's Wrong with Black sheep-1

What's Wrong with Black sheep-2

What's Wrong with Black sheep-3

What's Wrong with Black sheep-4

What's Wrong with Black sheep-5

What's Wrong with Black sheep-6

One to watch at the GSA Degree Show opening tomorrow, is Abdul Rahman. His thesis project titled What’s Wrong with Black sheep motivates artists to take courage in his or her ideas and to gain a true sense of self rather than merely follow the herd.

“Every day, we’re bombarded by ideas of how things should be, how we’re supposed to think. There is so much to take in, that we take begin to take this saturation of information for granted. Unfortunately, it’s all come to a point of becoming so desensitised to our own self – all we know is to follow. To take in what is given and not search for more. The idea of self becomes portrayed consciously, only to be subconsciously controlled by the masses way of being and thinking.

The Glasgow School of Art Singapore Degree Show 2017 runs until 23 June at the SOTA Gallery, Level 2.


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