Animated Sundays: LaLutte

Hong Gah Yain, Director, Writer, Producer, Animation
Jasmine Lim Sy Shing, Producer, Animation
LASALLE College of the Arts

“The story is about a collaboration between 2 trapeze performers and how their egos are more important than the collective outcome.
If history can teach us something, it is that people never learn their lesson because they refuse to accept the fact that they have done something wrong. 
Our influence and inspiration come from the world around us and our observation of human behaviour. We are very motivated by our social and cultural environment. Overall aesthetics and style were inspired by Madagascar (2012), Kungfu Panda (2012), Presto (2008) and Ratatouille (2007).
 The film took 5 months to fully complete, from concept to final production.”


Animated Sundays: Irma

YouTube Preview Image

A story by Ng Wan Hian, Phang Hai Ping, Chan Yan Min, Lim Hui Min
Singapore Polytechnic

“Irma, an old lady who lives in the rubbish dump, goes on her usual routine to pick up rubbish after the rubbish truck arrives. However, that day, she discovers a mysterious monkey that turned her into her younger self.”


Animated Sundays: Kitbash Kid

Kitbash Kid
Jun’an and Huang Jingyu
LASALLE College of the Arts

“The story is about a friendship between a boy and a robot. Jun Bao a Chinese boy who lives on a typical 1960s Singapore housing estate. He enjoys making small robots until one day he found the parts he needs for a big robot. The robot that he made is curious about the world around it. Jun Bao began to test his robot to ensure that it is functional. However the curiosity of the robot brings not only joy but trouble to the boy.”


Animated Sundays: Show and Tell

YouTube Preview Image

Show and Tell
Script & Story by Omnom Production, Directed by Lee Min Ru, Produced by Chen JinMei
Singapore Polytechnic

“Charlie has a timid demeanour where he is afraid of the judgemental stares from others. He tries to avoid interactions from his classmates. However, he was tasked to perform for “Show and Tell” which made his fear for public presentation become his worse nightmare.”


Animated Sundays: Fatvolution

Password: fatvolution

Adam Ng Wei Sheng, Director, Writer, Producer, Animation
Ken Tan Chen Hao, Director, Animation
LASALLE College of the Arts

“Gallus works in a factory where his job is to eat and get fat. He can’t wait for his turn to become fat enough to join the Fatvolution and fight the foxes. When he stumbles upon his chance to ascend as a chosen one, he realizes the ugly truth and cannot do anything even if he wants to.

We were inspired by propaganda and how people choose to conform to the message. When something in the system becomes questionable or wrong, we become too passive to even do anything about it. It has become a time where it is easier to comply than to oppose the system. Even then, we cannot do much to make a difference on our own.”


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