Girls of the Underworld Exhibition

For its upcoming show, Kult invited 33 locally-based female artists to create a new piece of art that will ruminate on what it means to be female in contemporary Asia. Exploring subjects such as music, identity and pop culture, the artists used a variety of mediums like painting, drawing, silkscreening, collaging and even animated GIFs to capture their perspective on living in fast-paced modern Asia.

Some highlights are:

“Dinner Time: Plate Number 4” by Emma Maxwell

“Super-girl / 女子漢” by Joyce Lee

“Dare to Dream of Candy” by Caramelaw 

Other featured artists include Adeline Tan, Dawn Ang, Inkten, Kristal Melson, Soph Ong and Tiffany Tan.

The exhibition opens on Friday, 30th May, 5pm at Kult Gallery and will run until Saturday 28 June. All artworks will be available for sale.


Spotted! Sheena Aw



Motion Graphic Designer, Sheena Aw, worked for clients like MTV Asia and Sony International, creating on-air promos and corporate videos. In 2005, she won a PROMAX silver award for her HP QUEST contest spot for MTV Asia. In her spare time, Sheena enjoys doing graphic work. “I love creating characters, animating them and giving them a life of their own,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to create a set of vinyl toys. I hope that one day, both my toys and my art can be spread across the world, inspiring people and bringing joy into their lives.”

Earlier this year, Sheena produced the above piece for depthCORE Art Collective pack. “The theme was ‘Requiem’ which was a little tough for me since my style usually revolves around colorful, cute and annoying characters. But I gave it a shot anyway. So I created a piece that is somewhat dark and negative, but still maintaining the style of cuteness. In ‘Fly Away’ (above) the candycanes’ life came to an end, started decaying and rotting and then, eventually got holes in them. Their spirits flew out and carried what’s left in them (the peppermint bits), ready to move on to the next life.”




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