Spotted! Asri Scola

It has been a decade since Asri Scola aka Scola started writing his way into the street/graffiti culture. His versatile progressive works depend heavily on the usage of contrasted colors, interspersed with distinct streaming line movement. The level of energy and unpredictable state of mind sets the quality of the work, indulging more of the thought-process. “Besides my mural projects, I would like to do more collabs with other art enthusiasts, and eventually exhibit my work.”


Actually’s 8th Signature Bag

For the design of  their 8th Signature Bag, Actually launched an open-entry competition in November 2011. They asked their Facebook members to choose from the six shortlisted artworks they thought best represented the Actually identity, and the four designs with the highest votes became their 8th signature carrier bags. The winning artworks are from left to right: Raven by Shannon Tan, Chromaticity by Rachel Han, I am An Owl by Denise Xu and Think Outside the Box by Asri Scola.


Art Garage: Art The Hall

Quite likely the first Art Garage in Singapore, Art The Hall was initiated by Seed Fest director Terence Tan after a conversation with visual artist Tan Xiang Yeow and site specific performance artist Jamie Marie Lewis.

“The intention behind Art Garage is to discover how, with more of our youths educated in the arts in an increasingly dense city, more art spaces can be found,” Terence explains. “My conjecture is that in order to allow our young artists to be discovered, breaking down the concept of what an art gallery space ‘should’ be like is needed.”

Part of Seed Fest Singapore, Art Garage is a gathering of young artists past and recent works; to be displayed, stacked and sifted through for visitors to literally discover their art. The works may merely be showcased, or artists may choose to sell them. “The main goal is for visitors to not fear interacting or holding the art (likewise the artist), so as to let art be a closer part of non-artists’ lives.”

“The process of putting the artworks together will be archived and the placements documented, since the collective is an art movement in itself. The collective will be left on display throughout the week, continuously building on the evenings of 20th to 23rd November and ‘completed’ for the 24th, 25th and 26th, where the exhibit is open to public.”

Participating artists include: Francis Poon, Jeremy Zhong, Darius Cheong, Ella Wijt, Tan Xiang Yeow, Eunice Lim, Nhawfal Juma’at, Le Matt, Jael Chng, Dey Irfan, Shirley Khng, Noc Vvyne, Asri Scola, Asman bin Khalil and Jamie Marie Lewis.

24th to 26th November at The Arts House.




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