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zz-DIY Paper Effigies

DIY Paper Effigies (2017).
Paper offering construction kits, re-interprets the Chinese tradition of burning paper gifts through a hands-on and intimate process.


Multi-Touch (2015).
Interactive sculptures stimulating gestures of scroll, flick and pinch, extracts the navigational language between our fingers and the smartphone screen out of its interface.

zz-transparent red packet

Transparent Red Packet (2018).
Red packets made tinted and transparent, failing to conceal its monetary gift. Ultimately, it is the thought that counts.

zz-Wrong (Red Chair)

Wrong (Red Chair) (2017).
Wrong is a collection of objects common to an HDB void deck playfully altered, producing an awkward, absurd and surreal quality.


慢 (2016).
Wristwatches pared down to a second hand, reminding you to stop chasing the minutes and live for the moment. Be slow.

“Straightforward, critical and witty, we are ceaseless producers of ideas that comment on society and everyday encounter in a frank and often humorous manner,” says Lim Zeharn, one half of creative studio ZZ.

Together with his twin brother Lim Zeherng, they combine studio art and design. “Our making ranges from disruptive and pattern-breaking artworks to the creative fields of art direction, print and packaging, photography, film and digital multi-media. In commercial projects, we hold a critical focus on constructing brand authenticity, identity to channel and communicate our clients’ core messages.”




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