On Kickstarter! Fulcrum Sleeve




Reboot Lab is a design innovation studio founded by six SUTD design and engineering undergraduates. Their product, the Fulcrum Sleeve, is a laptop stand integrated in a laptop sleeve that aims to correct our posture problem and transform the way we interact with our laptops.

Alan Ng about the inspiration behind the sleeve: “We realise Singaporeans today (us included) simply love to bring their work with them, no matter where they go! Such frequent laptop usage results in posture problems like neck aches or back pains. Yet, no one uses laptop stands on the go. It is simply too inconvenient to one bring around. Fulcrum Sleeve changes the game by eliminating the hassle of laptop stands and resolving the laptop posture problem that is becoming increasingly prevalent in our hectic digital age today.”

The Sleeve is live on Kickstarter, and managed to achieve 75% funding in just four days. Check it out before the campaign ends on December 25.



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