Spotted! Dzaki Safaruan

dzaki safaruan

Dzaki Safaruan received his Bachelor’s (Hons) in Fine Art from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in partnership with Loughborough University, UK. His art is a constant exploration of the “deconstruction of the mundane which involves a mix of spirituality, comic book culture and wordplay.”

“As Malay Muslim, I use my recent body of works to deconstruct the legacy of heritage and spirituality while examining my own faith and practice,” Dzaki tells us. “Symbolic objects from my faith are physically dismantled, reduced to their basic elements and then reinterpreted in different forms. This is the crux of my practice, choosing to break apart everyday subjects and objects.”

“In Tabula Rasa (Tak Boleh Rasa),the Islamic holy book, the Quran, has been ‘reconstructed’ into a blank book”, Dzaki explains. ” I sought to question the physicality of this religious object and what was more important: its mere physical form or its content (which transcends its physical existence). In essence, the ‘physical content’ of the Quran is still present in the work.”

View more of Dzaki’s work at the RUANG exhibition which opens today and runs until 21 September.



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