Ning Chen’s Uniman








Ning Chen creates bubbly illustrations that see her depict the little adventures of a happy flabby blob, all captured in vibrant pastel hues.

“It’s a Uniman!” she tells us by way of introduction. On the topic of what exactly a Uniman is, the icecream-R&D-by-day and illustrator-by-night explains that the idea came when she and her partner were racking their brains to come up with a new character to draw. “As you know pretty much every single animal or being have been converted or drawn into a character. Not till we came across a Sea urchin! We decided to use the innards of a sea Urchin, and it has been quite a fun and challenging to try to give a seemingly lifeless creature a form , its own character and also emotions. Upon first glance it is hard to tell that he is a Sea urchin, Uniman has been mistaken as a corn cob, a starfish, and also a lump of fat !?!?! . But when they finally realise Uniman is in fact a sea Urchin, hilarity and laughter ensues.”

What’s up with the Uniman character? “Basically, he’s the sole sliver of Uni that escaped from his shell, due to his overwhelming sense of curiosity. He approaches the world with naivety and a willingness to try everything, and he is truly comfortable in his own skin (being flabby yet flaunting it at the same time) #bodyconfident. So expect to see Uniman in plenty of new – slightly awkward – situations.”



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