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As Taiwan has ended the martial law in the year of 1987, the freedom of speech has out-bursted. Social media without a strict restriction of its content, started to influence the way Taiwanese view their own country. As more and more news media competitors came to place, each company tried to get the most attention from the audiences. Eventually, this phenomena led to an excessive or rather, violent pressure to force the people to take in information. This work is referenced from the format of a TV news report, having multiple information shouting at the audience at once. Do we care about what information is true or we just take them all in?


Untitled (望子成龍)
The definition of inheritance is the transfer of materials, tangible or otherwise, to other counterparts. It is inevitable that the process of an inheritance may generate other issues, thus diverting it towards a more extensive phenomenon. As a young adult with dual citizenships, I have faced many challenges with regards to my parents’ expectations within the spectrum of education and nationality. All the questions and thoughts are concealed within the gesture of writing in luminous paint. The contrast in education systems and parents’ expectations compels me to reconsider my identity – what is my origin and what will I bring with me into my future?


Mountainscape of Void (焚山)
Political books, sacred writings, educational textbooks, when they are all burned down to ashes, they reach an equal state of neutralization. The color of grey from the ashes symbolizes equality and the idea of void. What is the value of writings when the fragility of paper looses to the consumption of fire? At the end they have turned into wordless vanity. I transform the variety of books by destructing through the ritual act of burning.

Desquamation of Once Where Life is Beautiful

Desquamation of Once Where Life is Beautiful
We study, work, talk to friends, family, lover, strangers, there are so much information coming in and out everyday. After a long tired day, we will reach home and release all of our stress from the busy life that traps us. This is the place where we shed our skins and emotion, hide them far away into the darkness. We don’t want to show this part to the public, however they will always be there glowing in the dark. The debris will slowly creep back and form into a living creature, await for us to come home and shed our skins and emotion again.

Coexistence-Nature, Religion, and Industry

Coexistence-Nature, Religion, and Industry
Growing up in the suburb area of my hometown in Taichung city, I experience the tranquility of a simple life. I used to run around the rice fields and play hide and seek with my childhood buddies. One of my favorite things is to submerge my body into the rows of crops. The feeling of running down the rice field and getting touched by the nature is just indescribable. Whenever we ride our bikes and pass by a small altar, we would stop and bow our heads to show our respect.

Benedict Yu has freshly graduated from LASALLE’s Fine Arts course. Born in Singapore but raised in Taiwan, the young artist explains that “having a dual-citizenship allows me to experience and explore the cultural differences”.

With an exposure to two different visual cultures, Eastern philosophy, aesthetic, psychology, sociology, and anthropology are a constant tone throughout Benedict’s portfolio.

“In my latest work, I’m re-evaluating some of the social values and problems hidden in Taiwan’s society. Having multiple identities, inevitably I will compare both countries under the microscope. Parts of what Singapore is doing well, are missed or neglected in Taiwan and the other way round. Both are post-colonised countries that have to work very hard to catch up with the globalised network.”

You can view Benedict’s work up close from 26 August until 17 September, at Gajah Gallery as part of the ‘The New Now’ exhibition.



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