The Vessel by Chynna Ang


When preparing the feature about Chynna Ang’s final year project back in June, another project caught our attention in her béhance gallery. The Vessel, a story about how we sometimes lose ourselves, and rediscover meaning in art.

On asking the illustrator about the meaning of the word vessel, she tells us: “The word vessel means a carrier. Like art, it carries a different meaning to each individual.

The story starts with the protagonist feeling alone and empty in the world. It then goes on to talk about how we lose this sense of intuition, creativity and fulfilment in our lives, things that were once intrinsic to us as children. Mid-book, it says ‘I found it, I found the source’. After which, the story shows how we find ourselves in music, performance and arts. In the end, it will say ‘my vessel is full’ . Showing how the arts, and even beauty in our surroundings can fill a void in most people.

The story was structured starting from the universe, to society, to the individual, then back out again, and this can be seen in the chapter headings.”



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