Daphne Cheng’s 8-in-1 Handbag

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One of the highlights at the ADM Show back in May was Ocht, an 8-in-1 transformable handbag designed by Daphne Cheng. Her design garnered a lot of attention, and became part of the display at the National Design Centre.

In Singapore, up to 822,200 tonnes of plastic waste are generated each year was the brief of the design,” Daphne explains. “My project focuses on recreating the design of a bag, which shifts towards a more sustainable production process, with materials chosen to reduce wastage to the environment. Hence, polyester recycled from PET bottles is incorporated to give environmentally-conscious consumers an option to look into when purchasing a handbag.

The unique folding system enables the classic handbag to be transformed into a cross-body sling, tote bag, or shoulder bag with customizable carriage capacity. The bag’s transformable feature removes the frustration of having to switch between different bags for different needs and occasions, and reduces unnecessary clutter at home. The bag utilizes a changeable strap system that is easy to secure, and is designed to be comfortable for every user. The easy-access zips and magnetic folds not only allow the bag to be expandable and retractable, but make storage space economical as well.”

Want one? Look out for Daphne’s Kickstarter project launching August 1.



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