Holding On by Ow Ting Quan




Ow Ting Quan is a visual artist currently pursuing a (BA) Hons in Design Communication at Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore. Tin Quan is also one of the apprentices from the Young Printmakers League 2017, and you can view the outcome of his hard work at the Working Proofs: Young Printmakers League exhibition which runs until 30 June at Mulan Gallery.

“A piece of paper remembers its folds; a body of water takes the shape of its container—akin to our memories and their temporal nature. My exploration of ephemerality sprouts from the idea that memories are impermanent, where emotions manifested are fleeting, yet remain etched in space. This metaphorical construct embodies an anamnesis as the flow of time decays and muddles the inestimable sentiments that I constantly find myself immersed in—to relieve and survive the inevitable losses.”




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