Speak by Joscelin Chew

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Joscelin Chew graduated with a BA Fine Art (Honours) Degree from Goldsmiths College, London in 2015. She is interested in the practice of walking – “the experience of the walking process disrupted by the medium format camera, which serves as a mediating device between the image and the experience.”

Joscelin created the featured series during a mentorship programme by local printmaking studio, Monster Gallery.

Speak explores the beauty and subtlety of silence through investigating various ways of understanding and perceiving silence. Each individual print is an evidence that suggests to the viewer a common thread of silence. I often get questioned about being quiet during my everyday encounters which appeared to be a negative interpretation of silence. However, I believe that silence is not necessarily negative and for it to exist, there needs to be sound. Silence can be considered as a language that conveys what cannot be translated entirely through words. Can we see silence? Can we hear silence? Does silence exist?”

Check out Joscelin’s work at the Working Proofs: Young Printmakers League exhibition which runs until 30 June at Mulan Gallery.



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