What’s Wrong with Black sheep by Abdul Rahman

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One to watch at the GSA Degree Show opening tomorrow, is Abdul Rahman. His thesis project titled What’s Wrong with Black sheep motivates artists to take courage in his or her ideas and to gain a true sense of self rather than merely follow the herd.

“Every day, we’re bombarded by ideas of how things should be, how we’re supposed to think. There is so much to take in, that we take begin to take this saturation of information for granted. Unfortunately, it’s all come to a point of becoming so desensitised to our own self – all we know is to follow. To take in what is given and not search for more. The idea of self becomes portrayed consciously, only to be subconsciously controlled by the masses way of being and thinking.

The Glasgow School of Art Singapore Degree Show 2017 runs until 23 June at the SOTA Gallery, Level 2.



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