Lest We Forget by Jamie Teo

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Embroidery artist and Arts Manager Jamie Teo tells us that she has an interest in the preservation and documentation of heritage, finding a way to let the past live in the present.

Her latest project, “Lest We Forget, is inspired by the memories of her maternal grandmother. “It highlights the idea of remembrance – lest I forget who you are and lest you forget who you are. Going against the ‘Great Man’ theory, I seek to prove the influence of any and every individual. I am always uncontrollably brought to tears when I speak of my grandmother and by way of making the linoleum plates, I carved out the imprint she has left on me through every passing day. This work seeks to prove the importance of personal histories and to give voice to individual narratives. This is my act of remembrance.”

Lest We Forget was created during a five months mentorship programme under the tutelage of Joseph Chiang of Monster Gallery and will be shown at the Working Proofs: Young Printmakers League exhibition from 16 June to 30 June.



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