Encube, The Art of Concealment by James Sua







James Sua is a young designer with a background in Product Design (NTU) and Interior Design (SP), and one of the graduating NTU ADM students that will be showcasing his work at the ADM SHOW 2017.

“For centuries, secret compartments have been built into boxes to conceal the owner’s most valuable belongings and private documentation. As technology advances, these compartments became an Art of Concealment to illustrate the ability and ingenuity of a box maker. The project seeks to rekindle the crafts of hidden spaces in a modern piece of private furniture to improve storage problems and reminisce the memories of our valuable everyday items.

EnCube is a piece of personal private furniture that can only be opened effortlessly with the user’s knowledge. With the aid of a decoding passage and collection of curios, it invites viewers through a journey of cryptic conundrums and rediscover the secret compartments within. Upon emptied, the EnCube remains as a fine piece of containment that provides hidden spaces to our daily lives.”



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