I Am All the Days that You Choose to Ignore by Victoria Tan

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Victoria Tan obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in 2016 from LASALLE College of the Arts and was the recipient of The Winston Oh Travel Research Award in the same year. The running themes throughout her work are investigation of time, history and political landscapes using various media.

Victoria has participated in group exhibitions including “UArt” (University of St.Gallen, Switzerland), “The Measure of Things” (The Winston Oh Travel Award, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Singapore, 2016), and “Singapore Inc.” (The Lorong 24A Shophouse Series, Singapore, 2014). This year, the young artist was selected by DECK‘s advisory board to showcase her work at Undescribed #2.

“Using printmaking and photography as modes for communication,  my work explores the idea of the construction site as a reminder of ever-developing cities – arguing for its significance, its ironic ability to arrest time through its transient nature and to serve its purpose as records of life cycles in urban development”, Victoria explains. “Construction sites are all at once pre, present and post – a reminder of what used to be located on site, a space used to now build upon and a possibility of what is to come. If the construction site makes up a large percentage of the urban landscape, one cannot avoid these seemingly intrusive pockets of spaces that appear around the spaces we inhabit.”



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