Animated Sundays! Route 52

Route 52
Created by Jacinth Tan and Tok Xue Yi
Nanyang Technological University

“Sometimes you will meet the strangest person when you least expect it, so brave yourself and meet the unlikely pairing of Bart and Jimmy.

Bart, he’s your average hotdog tender situated at a desert highway. He’s trying to make a living just like the rest of us, before an unexpected accident bring an “out-of-this-world” Jimmy right into the picture. Bart feeling sorry for the little guy immediately tries to accommodate, but things quickly take a dramatic turn as Bart find out Jimmy is way more than he bargained for …”

The production process consisted of traditional animation techniques combined with the use of softwares such as Toon Boom and After effects under the Mentorship of Davide Benevuti and Hans Peter Bacher, both who are professors at Nanyang Technological University.

Click here to view more of the preproduction work.



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