Spotted! Mithra

Mithra Jeevanantham-1

Mithra Jeevanantham-2

Mithra Jeevanantham-3

amygdala series (paper cuts)

Mithra Jeevanantham-slutty kitty-1

slutty kitty (lithography, silkscreen)

Mithra Jeevanantham-slutty kitty-2

untitled (lithography, silkscreen)

A degree student at LASALLE, College of the Arts, visual artist Mithra was always attracted to the Japanese art style, which can be seen throughout her work.

Specialized in printmaking and papercutting, Mithra’s work shifts from the “monstrous femme” in her prints to insane details in her paper cut-outs.

About her prints: “I attempt to provoke a subtle and paradoxical sense of silent horror through my prints. My current research focuses on the feminine horror to mental health. With the intention of giving the viewer multiple interpretations of the amygdala, the act of obsessive daydreaming and “ero guro nansensu”, I attempt to challenge their morals and ethics.”

About her paper cuts: “My works have been inspired mainly by,“Tokyo Police Gore” and the manga artist, “Junji Ito”. My paper cut pieces combine both materiality and science. The process of cutting a roll of paper in a specific setting and under a 3 week time constraint. It is a open letter to my amygdala. The amygdala in my brain that controls my fears and anxieties.”



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