17th December by Howie Kim

Howie Kim-1

Howie Kim-2

Howie Kim-3

17th December
Oil on Canvas, 120 cm x 90 cm, Series of 3

Howie Kim graduated from LASALLE’s Diploma of Fine Arts course in 2016, and this year he joined the Degree course of Fine Arts. The paintings in his portfolio straddle the line between reality and fantasy, accentuated with a touch of gloominess. “I am part of a digital generation that has marked my childhood and influences the way I see things,” Howie explains. “Although my works are inspired by real life experiences, they are often quite the opposite of reality. Allowing my subconscious mind to take the lead in creating images of distorted figures and animals, I juxtapose them in a whimsical mysterious realm to portray sometimes disturbing narratives.”

The narrative in Howie’s 17th December series explores his experience with a personal loss. The work is packed with surreal elements which convey his emotional otherworld perfectly.

“Through the use of cryptic symbols, metaphors and representations, the series is a visual narration of my loss. Fantasy is employed as a devise of escapism, allowing me to comfortably express my thoughts, feelings and ideas. The creation of an imagined world deriving from an experience of loss is a personal journey and process which helps me understand and unravel certain aspects of myself, and at the same time expresses and evokes a mix of complex emotions.”



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