Animated Sundays: Kite Effect

Password: kiteeffect2015
Kite Effect
Prescilia Khoo, Director, Writer, Producer
Tang Ying Hui, Director, Writer, Producer
LASALLE College of the Arts

“Inspired by the theory of the Butterfly Effect, this film explores the inter-connectivity between people and how we are able to affect one another through the most unexpected circumstances. Every action, no matter how insignificant it may seem, has the potential to create a huge impact. Such a phenomenon is not limited to bad happenings, but can also lead to positive outcomes.
This is a story of a grumpy Weatherman, whose job is to oversee and maintain the weather for a small town. One day, during a kite festival, a loose kite started a whole chain of events which eventually lead to a huge disaster. With the town’s safety at stake, the weatherman finds himself in a precarious situation where it is up to him to save the day.”



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