Hungry? by Juliana Tan






Food styling by Kat Wong.

Juliana Tan gives her overseas friends a taster of Singapore delights in her latest photo project, Hungry?

We asked Juliana about her new work.

“When I was living abroad, my friends often asked me what I missed most about Singapore. Is it my family? Friends? I’m almost embarrassed to say this but the one thing I crave for is Singapore’s local food. I’d choose Teochew mui over burgers any day. Or cai fan for that matter. Or prata (Crane Road). Or kaya toast with teh-o-peng-siu-dai and two soft-boiled eggs. You get the drift.

In those difficult moments (dramatic), I made mental sketches of my favourite local food. Most of them are easily available from hawker centres so they’re not plated to look Instagram worthy, but they burst with flavours I cannot find elsewhere in the world.

So when I returned to Singapore, I was determined to photograph our local food with the same sentiments I had when I was away. Except that I don’t know how to put the food together stylistically. Thankfully, despite my clumsy pitch, my university classmate Kat Wong (also an amazing cook) agreed to indulge me and styled the food for this project.”

Full series here.



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