Parking Plants and the Invisible Gardeners by WLi Leow






Graduating from Lasalle College of the Arts with a Bachelor in Fine Arts (First Class Honors) in 2016, WLi Leow mostly works with paint and pencil, creating delicate pieces you can spend a long time gazing at. WLi describes her interest as lying in architectural features and urban plants. “I explore my living experience through spatial forms and create spaces in my paintings that are in the state of becoming, at times fading into view and out of view.”

Parking Plants and the Invisible Gardeners is a series of paintings inspired by the livelihood of plants in the urban environment, particularly in Singapore, the Garden City. “I was intrigued by Stefano Mancuso’s theory of Plant Blindness, a condition of the “inability to see or notice plants in the environment” and therefore directed my attention to urban plants and their relationship with the space they inhabit. I have observed that they are very similar to us, as urban dwellers, navigating through urban structures day in and out. I began to document them through photography and at times referencing the formats of our infrastructures, such as floor plans and architectural elements like pillars and staircases, to create my paintings. My works are also very much influenced by my living experience and growth and I express the ambiguities of emotions through perspective and colours.”



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