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“Once upon a time, magical creatures were locked in games, anime, pokeballs and apparels. Our dream is to unlock all of these magical creatures so that you can cuddle them in your sleep and let them help you tide over the bad times.”

The Tiny Rabbit Hole is sure to warm your heart. It’s a collaborative project between web designer Angie Ng and software engineer Phong Yew Tong. Angie: “While studying in Australia, I noticed how creative the Australians are with their handmade markets held every month. Everyone has interesting ideas, and I decided to adopt one of my own. I picked up a crochet hook and started making magical creatures amigurumi.” Phong Yew Tong on the other hand loves building and designing things, gaming and Pokemon. “I jump in to release all these cute magical creatures from their virtual and flat 2D space into our real world.”

Throughout the time she embarked on amigurumi, Angie has created a variety of crochet characters. Some are fuzzy and totally adorable, others magical and mystical. Each design has its own charm and fits nicely into the palm of your hand.

Tutu the Bat, Chibi Pikachu, Resting Suicune  and Baabaa the lamb are just some of the charming soft creatures available in the online shop. Follow the Tiny Rabbit Hole on Facebook to find out about new creations or sign up for one of their workshops.



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