MAG: The wallet made with a touch of magic



Dexter, Jon Chan Hao and Ngieng Jia’en are MAG, a team of industrial designers that share the belief that design can create innovative and user-centred products. They just launched a modular wallet on kickstarter that allows you to stack and snap modules using a magnetic hinge.

(from the press release)

Traditional Wallets often carry more than what you really need, and minimal ones can’t seem to carry enough. What if you could carry exactly what you need, when you wanted to? That was the motivation behind MAG: a modular wallet with a magnetic hinge that allows you to swiftly detach and reattach! We wanted to create something that was not only more intuitive with what you own, but also make the experience of accessing what was in your wallet almost magical.

MAG comes in 3 modules :

The fundamental. The top piece is designed with a slot at the bottom to reveal 1/16 of the card for quick access. The other slot at the side allows room for more cards and cash, just enough to carry the essentials (fits up to 3 essential cards and some cash).

The subsidiary. The center features an elastic band to hold the cash, and the back allows for a secure storage of a number of cards if you need more (holds up to 6 cards and more cash).

The pouch. A zipless and secure way to hold your loose items e.g. keys and coins.



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