A Day Out Fishing with Yu An, Tiffany and Esmond

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The trio graduated in 2015 from SP’s Digital Animation program, and collaborated on A Day Out Fishing, their Final Year Project.  During this time, Lum Yu An, Tiffany Yong Min and Esmond Yeo were constantly exposed to many different things, whether it was taking on an unfamiliar role, the importance of teamwork or getting a taste of working in a fast paced industry.

Yu An, Concept artist, Modeller, Rigger, lighting artist, and compositing artist.
“The 4-month process of film making was undeniably overwhelming, as there was time constrains and limited manpower. Besides that, some of the roles that the team took up were rather unfamiliar. (It was lighting for me). Daunting as it seemed, we picked up that unfamiliarity from scratch and pushed our newly found skills into production. With the team’s incredible rapport, emotional breakdowns became a thing of the past, and we were able to push our film to excellence. Although there is definitely room for improvement, we were still proud and content. Since I have graduated from Singapore Polytechnic, I still aspire to be an artist. In this short period, I became more accepting of new knowledge and criticisms. The experience I had with my team is a heartfelt one. If asked to do it all over again, I would definitely say, YES.”

Tiffany, director, concept, storyboard artist and animator.
“Putting technical skills aside, the creation of this short film has taught me the importance of teamwork, communication and cooperation. Without my teammates, I would never have been able to create this film alone and had such a fun time doing so. Just as Yu An said, should I be asked to do it all over again, I would definitely say YES. I have since graduated from SP and am currently furthering my path as a digital artist at 3D sense; surely the concept art course would allow me to hone my painting and storytelling skills. I aspire to create heartfelt stories that takes the audiences breaths away in the far future.”

Esmond, Lead animator.
“During my time in Singapore Polytechnic, the Final Year Project was the most exciting, and also, the most exhausting assignment I undertook. The experience made me gain a deep respect for all the digital artists out there; who will pour over every detail just to perfect the shot on screen. It took three students clocking 50+ hour work weeks for a semester to produce the three minute film. We knew that ever hour of effort we put in was going to make the film look and feel better. I considered myself lucky as with such motivated team mates, the project was predictably a success. I have been given a taste of the ups and downs of working in the fast paced and ever evolving animation industry. My FYP has sat me down and made me rethink if this is the path I would continue to chose. The truth is, I am hooked by the endeavour to create. Thus, I will be pursuing a BFA in Digital Art and Animation at Digipet Institute of Technology. Anyone who has interest in the Creative disciplines should definitely pursue them, especially those in their teens. There will be time to experiment and if this industry is to your taste then you might just end up with a fulfilling career.”



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