The Very Wishing Story by Sum Qian Yu




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Make sure to drop by the Night Festival on Queen Street to check out The Very Wishing Story, an installation created by Very Small Exhibition and Sum Qian Yu.

The Very Wishing Story is about a boy and a girl, each discovering a magical marble that opens up a new world of adventure.  At night the marble lights up. The boy and the girl flew out of their room, following the magical light marble. The boy comes to a fascinating forest with light balls and the girl arrives at an enchanted cave, with glittering balloons of all shapes and sizes, glowing in the dark. Together, they meet at the magical waterfalls, playing with the tiny light balls, forming light structures that they imagined out of their own minds. The narrative is the basis of the three-part The Very Wishing Story“; The Cave” at Supermama@SAM relates to the girl’s journey, “The Forest” at National Design Centre relates to the boy’s journey. Both journeys converge at a lighting installation, “The Waterfalls”, at Waterloo Artsplace, where the characters meet other children in the story and create a magical world together.”

The Very Wishing Story is available online or you can pick up a copy from Supermama @SAM.



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