To Live and Let Live by Kevin Fee

Each and Every at DECK presents the work of thirteen emerging photographers, and the reflections of their individual experimentations within the photographic medium.

Visual Artist Kevin Fee was selected for the show, and impresses with his project, To Live and Let Live.

“Conflicts, man-made or not, are always occurring around us. They exist when two or more different opposing interests collide – when one party refuses to accommodate the other interest, or when one party forces an accommodation from the other, sometimes disguised as a compromisation. To live and let live is a series of conflicting relationships that are applied abruptly onto objects – the same way that conflicts can occur spontaneously, and unreasonably, in our surroundings. It is an exploration of conflicts while questioning the influence of the need for compromisations, and if refusing to accommodate is necessarily always at fault.”

Catch the exhibition before it closes on Sunday!



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