The Thought Of Nothing by Pang Yun Jing

Pang Yun Jing is a graduating photography major from NTU, School of Art, Design and Media. She is a conceptual photographer who constantly seeks means to visualise intangibility. “Manifesting abstract concepts as visuals is my way of negotiating meanings. My works are often indulgences of a long string of philosophical and social contemplations.”

The Thought Of Nothing  is her Final Year Project and “highlights how nothingness can be found hidden within every day’s mundaneness and questions our obsession with translating time into productivity.” Yun Jing continues: “Conceived from my existential contemplation on nothingness and my desire to escape the daily bustle of life, documents my pursuit of this nothingness through tedious and monotonous tasks involving ordinary objects. Within this, I seek mental catharsis and experiential exploration through the embodiment of an empty mind.”

The Thought of Nothing is part of the Each and Every exhibition which opens tomorrow at DECK.



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