Doubt by Max Tan

The notorious phrase: “Jack of all trades, master of none” in the design community hasn’t stopped our next GSA graduate from exploring and using different mediums when approaching communication design.

Apart from focusing on conventional design, Max Tan is involved with up and coming duo Campfire, helping with the conceptualization and experimentation of their music videos.

“This project/brief started off as an exploration of intellect and instinct in relation to creative processes. I was required to act instinctively, undertaking a series of mini projects which should lead from one to the next that would push and stretch my own approaches to generating ideas. I was asked to document my process as I move along and reflect on any issues or interesting questions that arises. As I embarked on my research, a widely used and heard phrase surfaced: “Trust your instincts.” There were, however, many who felt that this statement was fallacious. The question after; are first instincts generally bad? Each mini project presented was “hand made” (no digital imaging or photo manipulation) photographed and documented. These projects were some that I never thought would succeed as outcomes or even thought possible to execute. Acting instinctively, fighting the doubts I had along the way I moved from one project to the next, and as I reflected through each project, I concluded; Instincts do not push creativity. Doubt does.”

The GSA Degree show opens on July 9 and runs until July 15 at DECK. Check it out!



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