Let’s All Do A Little Bit More by Khor Serene

“As a designer and craftsperson, I am curious about the relevance of craft in our fast-paced society,” says Khor Serene, our next GSA graduate. “Being a scholar from Singapore Polytechnic and Singapore Institute of Technology makes me particularly inquisitive of the status quo and my role as a creative in Singapore. As the notion of craft seems to go against the very grain of how our society functions, I ponder on the values of craft and how it may remain relevant in modern times.”

Serene’s project titled “Let’s All Do A Little Bit More” is an exploration of productivity in Singapore. “Productivity has long been a challenge for us since independence and “Let’s All Do A Little Bit More” is one of the slogans from the Productivity Campaign in the 1980s. As a result of the campaigns, apathetic attitudes towards work and life in Singapore were ingrained and our drive to increase productivity plateaued in recent years. The series plays with all too familiar slogans to offer alternative perspectives on productivity, highlighting quotes from art critic John Ruskin on how we may work and live differently. Embroidery is a less than productive mode of presenting these ideas and subverts the definitions of productivity and efficiency in Singapore. Perhaps it is through less than obvious approaches that we find a solution to increase Singapore’s productivity during this dry spell.”

The GSA Degree show opens on July 9 and runs until July 15 at DECK.



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