Perk Pietrek & LeNERD, Conversations on Turntablism

Perk Pietrek: “It’s not something that just disappears and become irrelevant.”

This is the final episode to a 3-part series of conversations on ‪turntablism‬, where we aim to learn more about the special art form via stories shared by Singapore’s top DJs. The wunderkinds, Perk Pietrek and LeNERD, talk about turntablism’s current state, and their vision for it moving forward.

Special thanks to E-TracX. Additional footage: Perk Petrel’s DMC Singapore DJ Championship 2010 routine, Perk Petrel’s Phuture DJ Battle 2 routine, and LeNERD X Koflow – Pablo (‪#‎TLOP‬) Routine. Music: Perk Petrel – Robot Lovin.

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