Exhib! Of Cuckoos and Sparrows

(from the press release)

Of Cuckoos and Sparrows is an inquiry into the prevalence of form and content in relationship to the authorship in the landscape of hyper-exposures.

This experiment is an attempt to understand what constitutes the notion of authorship in visual arts today. The ease and availability of exposure to visual references is a condition that is universally rampant. Subsequently, this accessibility influences the production and consumption of artworks, which allows a high volume of works to thrive in multiplicity. Yet, simultaneously, by and large, there is also a preference for stylistic consistency among visual art practitioners and art collectors.

While the variables that inform a visual artwork is boundless, this experiment will attempt to set up a controlled environment as a creative dissection to find out what is authorship made up of in our day and age.

9 visual artists/illustrators are invited to create new works via means of intentional imitation to experiment on the perception of authorship and authenticity in contemporary visual arts.

Participating artists

1. Mary Bernadette Lee/ Mrydette
2. Allison Marie Low
3. Nur Aida Sa’ad/ Yellowmushmellow
4. Teresa Lim/ Teeteeheehee
5. Lim Qixuan/ QimmyShimmy
6. Tay Kaiyee
7. Ho Wai Kit/ A Whispering Campaign
8. Lee Xinli/ PokPok & Away
9. Dan Wong/ A Good Citizen

The exhibition opens tomorrow and runs until 26 June at DECK.



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