Modest Operandi: Conversations in Transit By Hyrol Sami’on 三 缺 一 Three Without One By Morine Liang

Morine Liang, 万花筒 (kaleidoscope) (2012) – Acrylic mirror and projector

Morine Liang, Shampoo Advertisement I (2016) – Single-channel video

Tyrol Sami’on, Modest Operandi: Conversations in Transit (2016) – Performance relic

(from the press release)

LASALLE-College of the Arts and The Substation presents Modest Operandi: Conversations in Transit and 三 缺 一 Three Without One, a joint-exhibition by two young graduates from the LASALLE BA(Hons) Fine Arts programme. They are mentored by Loo Zihan and Ong Kian Peng.

A one year residency programme jointly organised by LASALLE and the Substation, with the objective of giving fresh grads a boost, the Arts Graduate Incubation Programme (AGIP) provided funding, studio space and mentorship from professional artists for the two selected participants from 2015-2016.

Modest Operandi: Conversations in Transit by Hyrol Sami’on presents a series of secret recordings made by the artist while taking the MRT or bus. These conversations are presented as voyeuristic gestures through his artwork installation that is inspired by Instagram.

Morine Liang’s 三 缺 一 Three Without One takes as its starting point a collection of newspaper clippings by local tabloid newspaper, 新明日报Shin Min Daily News. These selected clippings, with articles ranging from beauty ads to stories of human affect, are the father’s messages to his daughter. In turn, the daughter responds to both content and medium as an artist.

The exhibition runs until  2 June at The Substation Gallery and Random Room.



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