“A piece of paradise” by Heizel Jia Xin

Vibrant colours and surreal imaginary collide in Heizel Jia Xin‘s work, and we couldn’t help being swayed by her piece of paradise. Heizel is a past year graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, currently interning with Dawn Ng.

About her series: “There are no Photoshop wonders to keep things all natural. Started out as a project to translate something ordinary into something extraordinary. I wanted to give a new light to things around us which we think are plain or nothing else more than it’s physical being. In dictionary terms, it means something out of the usual. I looked into how one can interpret an intangible description into something visible or visual and taste was one of them.

That was when ‘paradise’ struck my mind and its multiple meanings often describes heaven or a supreme state of blissfulness. As Singaporeans, I think we are really into food and more often than not we hear people say something tastes heavenly and such. I settled with desserts and sweet treats as my selected subject to photograph because I got to know how people would most often succumb to desserts and more likely to associate the taste of happiness with desserts. But I narrowed down my subject to ice cream because ice cream is always readily available and anyone can grab that piece of “paradise” anytime. Like many would agree, you may not be able to be in paradise right now but ice cream is just the same.”

Our sentiments exactly!



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