MA Fine Arts Grads, Martha Chaudhry & Kanchana Gupta

And the rest of such things is the title of the LASALLE’s MA Fine Arts graduation show, and suggests the idea that the exhibition can be experienced as a threshold between explorations of the past and infinite possibilities for the future. Reflecting this approach, it considers art-making as an open process in which the end of the programme is simultaneously the starting point for the artists involved.

The exhibition at Gallery 1 opens this Saturday and will unveil the work of Adalsteinsdottir, Deusa Blume, Martha Chaudhry, Jordi Fornies, Kanchana Gupta, Kathryn Kng, Justin Lee, George Liu Zhen, Patrick Ong, Sukeshi Sondhi and Grace Tan.

Today, we take a look at the work of Martha Chaudhry & Kanchana Gupta.

Martha Chaudhry, Backdrop 2016, mixed media installation,  UV digital print on savage sidetone seamless superwhite paper

Martha Chaudhry, I know you’re in there 2016, mixed media

The useless pursuit of shadows: A taxonomy of mists re-interpreted

“I explore the intimate in the universal, and the universal in the intimate. Through processes of fragmentation, appropriation, interjection and overlay, I re-classify the clouds and find the intersections between sky, clouds and memory. This personal taxonomy embraces shape-shifting and transience, obfuscation and revealing, and contemplates identity, memory, time and belonging.”

Kanchana Gupta, 2102106 (installation view) 2016, burnt and peeled layers of oil paint. Image: © 2016 Wugang

“My current research and practice involves the leftovers of painting and its remnants and traces. These remnants can be seen as fragments, pieces, residues, marks, imprints, edges, margins and fringes. Through a deconstruction and reconstruction of surfaces and traces, it asks what a fragment is, what it signifies, what to preserve and what to discard.”



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