MA Fine Arts Grads, Justin Lee & Sukeshi Sondhi

And the rest of such things presents final works and projects by 11 accomplished artists, graduating this year from LASALLE’s MA Fine Arts programme. Featuring a range of media including painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video, the exhibition highlights the intricacies and complexity of creative processes. The exhibition opens on 23 April and runs until 8 May at Gallery 1, Basement 1, LASALLE College of the Arts.

In the run up to the exhibition, we would like to introduce you to the work of graduates Justin Lee and Sukeshi Sondhi.

Justin Lee, Bundle of love 2016, 91 tin-cans, dimensions variable

Justin Lee, Second hand love series 1 2016, 377 tin-cans, 97 x 816 cm (overall)

“This installation comprises over 400 discarded tins of evaporated milk that I collected from hawker centres around Singapore. I was inspired by found objects that are very familiar to all of us, such as tin cans and cardboard from local housing estates. I’m interested in examining these everyday things that surround our living spaces, especially things that are neglected by people or no longer of valid use. Through observation, recollection and objectification of these found objects, I uncover a sub- culture embedded in modern Singapore.”

Sukeshi Sondhi, Untitled (Still I rise) 2016, fabric

Sukeshi Sondhi, Strike away chains of fear from the soul 2016, iron objects

“My current artistic practice is informed by gender, power, identity and domesticity through the location of the self and performativity of the everyday. My installations convey the invisible presence of the marginalised female.”




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