The Girl Upstairs by Chloe Chang and Ignatia Devy Dwiastuti

Chloe Chang Ting Fang and Ignatia Devy Dwiastuti celebrate their fabulous friends in their final year project. The Digital Animation (Character Animation) students say it’s their way to thank them for “the good times, the bad times, and the times when we just lounged around doing nothing at all.”

About their FYP: “A lonely little boy is left home alone and goes to investigate the reason for his leaky ceiling. He discovers his upstairs neighbour is a girl who lives in a forest where it’s constantly raining – and it becomes clear that the source of the rain is the girl’s own insecurity. The lonely little boy and the reclusive girl become friends, and through the bond of friendship, manage to make the rainfall stop.”

The Girl Upstairs can be viewed at this year’s ADM Show which runs from 6 May to 15 May. Visit for more information or follow their process on Facebook or Instagram.



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