Calendar Project by Geneve Ong

Geneve Ong

Geneve Ong

Queenie Ou

Jon Max Goh

Started in 2014 by Geneve Ong, The Calendar Project is a monthly curated wallpaper calendar designed by guest artists, and available for free download on the project website and Facebook page.

“It was, for me, as much a labor of love as it was an exercise in discipline. As a creative with a decidedly non-creative day job, I wanted to challenge myself to keep design in my life and share something functional and cool with my friends at the same time. A year’s worth of adventure later – with designs ranging from sunbathing monsters to intergalactic cats – The Calendar Project has made some friends. From November 2015 onward, a different artist is invited every month to collaborate with me on a desktop wallpaper. Sometimes they take the lead, and sometimes I give prompts. Sometimes we decide together what colors to use. It’s altogether great fun, and a wonderful way to celebrate friendships and the love for design we share.”




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