Spotted! Yafiq and Yais Yusman

Images by Yafiq.

Images by Yais.

Today we invite you to gawp at the work of the Yusman twins. Yafiq and Yais mostly create abstract depictions of Singapore’s architecture, and their Instagram accounts are brimming with architectural compositions and other choreographed shots.

“We are both creative people (not in graphic) who love exploring. We love sharing the unusual perspective of the daily life. That’s when we tweak our photos into creative elements. Be it from architecture to puddle to mirror shots and any other creative shots. Instagramming is just a hobby. But we are honoured to have a lot of opportunity to work with different people. From giving talks with Organisations such as Archifest & National Library Board to collaboration with brands like Montblanc and organisations like Changi Airport Group. We are also humbled to be given the award as Singapore Instagrammers of The Year 2014 (Yafiq) and 2015 (Yais). Apart from all that, Instagram is most importantly about the community and the friendships we’ve made.”



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