New World Rising by Kenny Low

At first glance, Kenny Low‘s work looks like a set of photographs popped through a shredder and pasted into a chaotic but impressive series of work. Basically, he uses his own photographs which he painstakingly cuts up and rearranges into mystical creatures and surreal landscapes. Properly awesome right?

Kenny about his series: “My works are directly influenced by my love of Japanese art and culture. Intrigued by the visual explosion of Japanese pop art I dug deeper to understand the attraction I have for Japan. I realised that it wasn’t until the postwar years that art in Japan developed its distinctive look. After the nuclear bomb, many of their creations revolved around the topic of mutation. From Godzilla to Astro Boy, artists were experimenting with their experience of mutation after the bomb. They combined things that had not been placed together before. The results are unique to this period in Japan’s history.

Investigating the process of how the Japanese use mutation in their art, I imagined what Singapore would look like if we had also experienced nuclear mutation. I used buildings in Singapore as my main subject because as a trained graphic designer I have a strong affiliation with the graphic pattern of buildings and how they can look from a distance. The process of taking the buildings away from their original context and merging them to create new shapes created endless possibilities. Some buildings took on the form of creatures , some became floating surreal islands.”

Kenny’s work will be on show at Art Seasons, BIG Hotel, 200 Middle Road  from 16 March until 2 April.



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