The GSA WIP Show 2016

In partnership with Singapore Design Week, The Glasgow School of Art Singapore launches ‘The WIP Show 2016’, a Work-In-Progress exhibition by the graduating cohort from BA(Hons) Communication Design. You will get a sneak peek of their working processes including demonstrations and handcrafted goods. There will be talks with creatives and local film screenings, but I suggest you follow the link for the details.

In this feature, we’re giving you just a peek with images of the work of some of the students that will participate in the show.

Please Stand Behind the Yellow Line by Fariz Junaidi

“Please Stand Behind the Yellow Line” (a public announcement whenever a train approaches the platform) was designed as an interactive, physical data visualisation of the number of passengers in the MRT during peak hour. Revolving around the theme of congestion, this idea was conceived through past experiences, revisiting moments when personal spaces were intruded by strangers. To understand such plight, specially designed t-shirts were connected to each other via a retractable belt that consist the dataset. Ranging from the most crowded station to the least, the datasets are unveiled once the users steps away from each other. The distance between the users correlates to the number of passengers in the train, simulating “an intrusion of personal space” through interaction.”

Human Parasite by Alex Yam

“Human Parasite is the embodiment of a Monstrous Beauty. Through deconstruction and recreating evidence of a living body on other bodies. I studied the trash around us and perceived these specimens from a humane perspective, analogizing them as “Parasites”. Trash taking on the role of parasites feeding off the human host. I took the bounding condition of my body shell as its limit, serving as a host to the specimens and a measurement of human space. An experimental form of visual literacy, in a bid to provoke a re-examination of our relationship to the amount of trash we produce. Nurtured in the human shell, these parasites are rejected and accepted once again.”

Digital Hyperthymesia by Samantha Pang

“Hyperthymesia is a rare mental condition that gives one super autobiographical memory. Individuals experience uncontrollable associations and recollections of dated events and experiences of their everyday lives in unusual detail and accuracy. In the age of technological advancement, are we starting to experience symptoms of this condition ourselves? How much of our lives and information that we ought to remember are stored on our technological devices? ’Digital Hyperthymesia’ thus reflects the evolution of man’s ability to remember and forget, as well as the consequences of technology on our relationships, behaviour and identity.”

Of Real and Imagined Places by Crystal Teo

“In a country where places and locations are but ephemeral constructs of space, how can one establish oneself with the landscape of this nation? “Of Real and Imagined Places” explores the sense of being and identity through a series of new geographies that examines the connection between geological and biological processes while exploring the basic human need to acquire territory as a prerequisite to identity. While understanding the loss of security and anxiety that comes with disorientation and displacement, the illustrations consider the idea of personal geographies, engaging the idea of fracturing objects into geometric shapes while depicting the “illusion” of dimensions of urban spaces.

two or three, gathered or more,
searching for an illusive identity.

Belong, being, the human life,
memory, place, behaviour and identity.

Self, now and being here, begins with other, then and the yonder.

what exactly it is to be,
a search for our identity.”



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